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Research & Statistics

Research & Statistics

Research and Statistics

The following resources provide media, government officials, investors, and others with in-depth information about Durham. Featured here are Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau (Discover Durham) publications – including charts and white papers – as well as links to resources hosted at the City of Durham and Durham County websites.

If you have any additional questions, contact Shelly Green, President & CEO.


DCVB Charts

Visitors’ Economic Impact on Durham

Spending, Value Added, Jobs Supported, and Taxes Paid.

An overview of the spending, value added to the economy, jobs supported, and taxes paid as a result of visitation to Durham in the year 2016. Read More


Additional Discover Durham Resources

Durham Visitor Research & Statistics 

New Visitor Developments

Information on new developments, including changes and renovations to features, attractions, transportation projects, and information on hotel developments, expansions, closings, etc. Includes descriptions of projects and current status. 

Other Resources

Downtown Durham Master Plan

A PDF of the Downtown Durham Master Plan, hosted by Downtown Durham, Inc.

Durham Demographics

Demographic information for Durham County and the City of Durham, compiled by the City of Durham.

Durham County Library's North Carolina Collection

Links to a variety of historical information, including photographs, maps, biographic details of important figures, and more.

Durham County Population & Employment Projections Through 2035

A PDF of tables, graphs, and maps showing projected growth.

Durham Cultural Master Plan

A PDF of Durham's Cultural Master Plan.

Research Triangle Park Statistics

The about us page at RTP's website, which includes some basic statistics and other information about the organization.

RDU International Airport Statistics

Statistics from the past 10 years about enplanements and deplanements at RDU, including breakdowns by airline, taxi trips, and more. 

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