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Vocal Improvisation Workshop w/Guillermo Rozenthuler

A workshop for singers and instrumentalists with Guillermo Rozenthuler

***Note: tickets can also be purchased by the general public interested in observing and listening to the workshop/performance.

This event is both a workshop and a spontaneous performance. The experience gives participants a taste of collaborative vocal improvisation, expands their imagination, and encourages the creation of in-the-moment vocal music. The event is open to all those interested in vocal improvisation.

Collaborative Vocal Improvisation (CVI) is when a group of singers create improvised music. Under the general direction of a group leader, each person contributes their own sounds and patterns spontaneously, and also in response to others. The sounds often begin from an agreed-upon prompt or a musical idea, and then unfold from shared silence or from one person breaking into song. Listening, responding, creativity, and a willingness to collaborate are important.

Together the group will create vocal music in-the-moment, and practice different models and patterns of collaborative vocal improvisation in a small group setting. You’ll learn how to create clear musical ideas, how to encourage each other, and how to sensitively respond to other sounds, in order to collectively craft spontaneous songs. There will also be sonic activities, group vocal games, and chants from different world cultures.

This workshop is for singers, instrumentalists, music teachers, and for anyone who is passionate about creating spontaneous music.

Guillermo Rozenthuler is an instrumentalist, vocalist, and music educator, he teaches a-cappella improvisation with a focus on creativity, human connection, and deep listening. He has studied with renowned vocalist Bobby McFerrin and also with Rhiannon, and has performed and collaborated with Roger Treece, Albert Hera, Joey Blake, and other leading vocal improvisation teachers.

  • 4608 Industry Lane, Ste L
  • Durham, North Carolina 27713
  • Time: 8:00 PM
  • Location:
    Sharp Nine Gallery
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