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Spiritual Alphabet Soup of Death and Dying with Larry Burk, MD

There are four abbreviations for spiritually-transformative experiences (STEs) in the spiritual alphabet soup of death and dying which can have significant impact on our worldviews about how life and death intersect. Near-death experiences (NDEs) occur in about 4% of the population and are associated with psychospiritual after-effects. Nearing-death awareness (NDA) is a commonly reported phenomenon relating to deathbed dreams and visions that provide comfort for the dying. Shared-death experiences (SDEs) are relatively rare events where a family member or friend goes into an altered state and participates in the transition of the dying person either at the bedside or remotely from a distance. After-death communications (ADCs) occur in up to 50% of the population and may take the form of a dream, vision, or symbolic synchronicity.

In the first 12 minutes of this presentation, Larry Burk will present the banned TEDx talk upon which it is based. It will be repeated in its entirety accompanied by speculation as to the "unspecified content violations" that resulted in the censorship. It will be followed by expanded discussions of each of the four categories of STEs including additional stories, scientific references, and related books. Other experiences of censorship of parapsychological topics in TEDx talks and Wikipedia will be explored from the perspective of conflicting paradigms. Advice about effective responses will be shared from pioneering scientists in the field of consciousness research. Audience members will be encouraged to share their own personal STEs and discuss how they have dealt with skeptical family members, friends, colleagues, and healthcare professionals.

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Larry Burk, MD, CEHP, is a retired holistic radiologist who was co-founder of Duke Integrative Medicine. He currently works as an online coach specializing in EFT and dreamwork. Dr. Burk was board president of the Rhine in 2007-08 and has been a member of IANDS for many years. He has given many Rhine talks in the past 20 years ranging from medical intuition to dream diagnosis. Both his TEDx talks have been censored for "unspecified content violations" likely related to the metaphysical nature of the material including a banned Duke TEDx2022 talk that is the basis for this presentation.