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RetroGothic Film Series

Gothic horror movies are adult fairy tales. Young women appear at ancestral castles and fall in love with the dark, brooding masters of the estate. Or flee in terror while wearing flowing dresses. One window is always lit by candlelight against stormy midnight skies. There is murder, confinement, revenge, and ancient curses. Dark secrets pile up at alarming rates. The blood of resilient gothic heroes and heroines is ignited while saving their souls from Satan, or Vincent Price.

The heyday of the gothic horror pictures spanned the 1950s through the 1970s, with Hammer Film Productions and American International Pictures’ gloriously gothic takes on classic monster stories that starred Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and other British stars of the day. Even Edgar Allen Poe gets involved. In short, RetroGothic is the counterpart to the beloved Splatterflix Film Series, but this one is for those who prefer their horror movies to involve polite vampires in velvet capes.