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Quasi / Bat Fangs

Quasi is Janet Weiss and Sam Coomes, the enduring perennial Portland two-piece indie rock and roll band behind 9 beloved albums and countless raucous performances. The world they inhabit is both strange and familiar like an alien riding a minibike. Although both Sam and Janet have played in numerous seminal musical outfits throughout the past several decades (Sleater-Kinney, Heatmiser, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Elliott Smith, Wild Flag, Jon Spencer and the HITmakers, etc.), Quasi remains their centerpiece for creativity and camaraderie. Quasi’s distinct perspective, unwavering and playful, pits sweet vocal harmonies against dark, off-center, personal lyrics. Throughout their almost 30 year history, Quasi has pioneered countless profound songs that are part fearless folk art and part piranha.


Born of a shared love of hair metal, partying, and the reckless spirit of rock and roll, Washington D.C./ Carborro, NC duo Bat Fangs brings a fiery combination of shredderistic guitars and heavily harmonized hooks. Guitarist/vocalist Betsy Wright (Ex Hex) and drummer Laura King (Mac McCaughan, Speed Stick) united after playing a show together in their respective projects, with the goal of pushing Wright’s pop focused songwriting in a bolder, brasher direction. Taking up the primary songwriting role and shifting to guitar, Wright steps outside of the typical Ex Hex sound with Bat Fangs’ rowdy rock.

Their sophomore LP, Queen of My World is a reeling, rocking mass of guitar and vocals that serves as both a reclamation and a reevaluation of a sound that was once a breeding ground for a particularly egregious brand of cock rock dude-bro. Paying tribute to the glam rock and metal sounds of their youth while offering a modernized alternative to an era of music that deified toxic masculinity as a core value, Wright and King represent a new model of Rock Stardom that’s less about the Stars and more about the Rock.