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Art Exhibit — "Maps and Legends"

Lisa Creed explores a wide range of styles and textures in her work, which is rooted in abstraction. During this pandemic, she has become fascinated with the lines that connect us to people and places — or disconnect us. On her daily walks she photographs the telephone lines that crisscross the sky and allow us to speak to each other. Once she would have tried to avoid these interruptions of nature but now Creed craves them, symbols of an end to isolation.

These lines appear in Creed’s work with bold intention, creating maps that lead to those she knows and loves as well as to the places she has missed during this shutdown of our world. Lisa is also mapping her inner being as she continues to push the boundaries of paint, pencil, and fragments of paper on a surface, trying to make sense of who she is in these uncertain times.

Who says pandemic art has to be gloomy or filled with despair?