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Pinkshift with Jhariah / Pollyanna


Pinkshift is an American rock band formed in Baltimore, Maryland in 2019. The group consists of lead vocalist Ashrita Kumar, guitarist Paul Vallejo, and drummer Myron Houngbedji. They have cited those like Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys, and No Doubt as musical influences.


Genre is not so much a box to be confined in as it is a bag of tricks for Bronx-based musician/animator Jhariah Clare to pull from. The multi-disciplinary artist has a compulsion for writing larger than life songs, stacked high with strings, horns, keys, and broadway-esque vocal arrangements. So attendees of his live show may be surprised to see him hit the stage with no band in sight – just his drummer and musical collaborator Cole Raser seamlessly transitioning from hard-hitting rock cuts to complex swings fit for a Harlem jazz club. That chameleon-like musicality is exactly what makes the two of them such a fitting duo. Jhariah and Cole met through mutual friends at Pratt Institute, studying 2D animation and film, respectively. They quickly hit it off and before long, Jhariah’s solo project became a duo. The two of them function more like a pair of one-man-bands than two parts of a whole. Both emerging from a generation of increasingly self-sufficient independent musicians, this two-piece “band” takes that DIY attitude to heart.


Pollyanna, a four piece New Jersey band consisting of power-pop, loud rock, bubble grunge, and punk influences consists of lead singer and guitarist Jill Beckett, drummer Daniel McCool, bassist Brandon Bolton, and guitarist Jack Rose. Their name directly derives from the dictionary definition, “to be unreasonably or illogically optimistic” - perfectly describing front-person Jill Beckett’s ‘stuck in 2017’ incredibly optimistic attitude. After meeting in the first grade, Dan and Jill started the band at just 13 years old, eager to create and play music that would reach audiences beyond the confines of Jill’s open garage doors. Brandon made them a trio in early 2019, bringing 90’s femme punk influence to the group. At the start of 2021, Jack completed the bands’ lineup, adding his elemental stabby guitars and love for shoegaze and m

  • 723 Rigsbee Ave
  • Durham, North Carolina 27701
  • Time: 7:00 PM
  • Location:
    Motorco Music Hall
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