Kaleidoscope Biz Fest 2019

Keynote Katia Ravé is a French Triangle resident, business strategy coach, philanthropist, and international speaker. She specializes in helping businesses align their strategy with their values.

Rocket Scientist Jacqueline L. Mims, PMP,CPO,LSS GB

-Breakout yoga session in the luxe lounge

-Vendors - women’s biz services, mini-spa massage, beauty, photo — (get those headshots done!), fashion, and more

-VIP tickets available — 21 and up for this day-out of grown-up fun and reflection.

-Discount childcare facility available

-Fabulous food for all types of bodies — early fresh grazing and intermission hot buffet

-Cash bar

-Art and music networking hours

The movie Hidden Figures highlights the historical women of color whose meticulous calculations helped the U.S. catch up in the “space race” and send John Glenn into orbit around Earth. But NASA had many such "hidden figures," and one of the most notable is Engineer and former Rocket Scientist Jacqueline Mims, who was the first African-American civil servant to be certified as a spacecraft ground controller for NASA- Goddard Space Flight Center’s unmanned spacecraft. She will discuss Dreaming Big and Living Your Best Life

Dr Susan Lovelle is a Personalized Wellness MD who runs Premiere Wellness. She specializes in finding personalized holistic solutions for busy women who are burning themselves out doing everything for everyone else and merely surviving on caffeine and willpower. Whether it’s to lose 20+ pounds, gain more energy and focus, or just plain sleep through the night, Dr. Lovelle and the Premiere Wellness team will help you discover your ONE, signature way of living so that you can experience the healthy, long, and joyful life you want and deserve.

The Chairperson is Lana Garland of Durham’s Insibah Films, Kaleida Creative Collective, and Hayti Heritage Film Festival. Lana has worked as a Creative Director, Director, and Writer/Producer in television and film in the US and Europe. Her work has included creating content for HBO, BET, and ESPN in America, and TV2 in Denmark. In documentary film, she has freelanced on films such as Bowling For Columbine, HBO’s Unchained Memories: Readings from the Slave Narratives.

Carrington Razook Jackson is a guest instructor for studios and teacher-training programs throughout the country. Over the last 20+ years, Carrington’s journey through yoga has been a diverse global study and practice. She now mentors yoga teachers around the world and serves as the Yoga In Action Coordinator for Off The Mat, Into The World TM, regional leader for CTZNWELL, and lululemon legacy ambassador.

Hospitality and Events Director Chef Hadassah Patterson (lower mid) puts her 14 years of banking operations and 10 years of wide-ranging culinary and writing experience to good use running her own brand, Oven Lovies. She has produced events on a bi-monthly basis for the last 5 years.

Attorney Donna Berkelhammer is an esteemed law practitioner of the Legal Direction firm in the Triangle area and a member of the following organizations: Durham County Bar Association, North Carolina Bar Association, NC LEAP Steering Committee, Veterans Entering Transition Advisory Council, and Legal Mentor at Durham Technical Community College Small Business Center.