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FlourishCon 2024

7 SEED EMPOWERMENT GROUP, INC, is BACK with FLOURISH 2024! This flagship fundraising event will be one for the BOOKS!

Featuring phenomenal speakers and entertainment for a life-changing experience!

7 Seed Empowerment Group, Inc., is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, established in 2015. They are dedicated to impacting the lives of women disadvantaged by socioeconomic disparities. They educate, engage, and empower through partnerships, collaborations, and resources.

The program’s objective is to elevate women from disenfranchised communities by offering education scholarships and essential health/wellness resources, ensuring their economic advancement.

Their two initiatives this year:

1) Educational Scholarship: The UpliftHer Progress Grant

Offer scholarships for two deserving women to enroll in a course or further their education.

Criteria: Focus on women who have shown a commitment to personal growth, demonstrated financial need, and have a clear vision of how the education will benefit them.

2.) Flourish Health Collaborative

The Flourish Health Collaborative is committed to enhancing the well-being of women from disenfranchised communities while doing their part in closing the health disparities gap in marginalized areas partnering with reputable health institutions and organizations. Through this alliance, they aim to offer comprehensive health resources, from preventive care to mental wellness. By organizing informational seminars and hands-on workshops, the collaborative endeavors to empower these women with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to lead healthier, more informed lives, consequently fostering a healthier community.