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Embodied Fluidity Workshop

A workshop exploring the connection between mindfulness and the creative process led by yoga instructor Pablo Robles & intuitive artist Courtney Potter on every last Sunday of the month from 1-4pm.

When’s the last time you were so absorbed by an activity that time seemed to stand still?

Maybe you were gardening- hands covered in soil, skin warmed by sunlight, heart gladdened. Or perhaps you were ascending a mountain, eager for the sun-kissed view at the top. Thinking about nothing except the rocky earth beneath your feet, the cool mountain air against your skin.

You feel the anxious noise in your head dial down as your body’s sensations heighten. You feel in tune with your surroundings. Your actions become effortless, fluid, and you feel rooted in the present.

You’re in the zone. You’re in flow.

In this 3-hour workshop, you’ll find your creative flow with fluid painting exercises and be guided through yoga and mindfulness techniques in an uplifting, inclusive setting. You do not need any yoga or painting experience to participate in this workshop. Everyone is welcome!

Come back to your body and leave your unique mark on a canvas.

Breathe. Paint. Let go. Enjoy the flow.

*The workshop fee covers all painting materials and refreshments. Yoga mats provided.

Register now, because space is limited to 12 participants per class!

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