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Constellations: 40 Years of Explorations within Sacred Geometry by Steven Ferlauto

Sacred Geometry is an ancient field of physics whose equations are expressed through shape. Shape is a way to explore the universal fabric of our existence. Certain patterns dictate the world which surrounds us. Proportion is the prime factor considered in these patterns.

Steven’s contribution to this field is his discovery that a systematized Roman alphabet constructed from the Golden Ratio does exist. All 26 letters of our modern alphabet are based on this ratio in ways so simple, yet so creative, it boggles the mind. Steven’s colorful breakdown of how these letters are formed becomes an exercise of delight in seeing.

This interdisciplinary exhibit brings together framed and unframed prints, deluxe and trade edition books, commissionable monogram prints, scrolls, sculptures, and educational materials that celebrate the alphabet’s structural geometry and history in a visually stunning way.