Clients in Crisis: Transformative Effects of Supernatural Experiences - Frank Pasciuti, PhD

Therapist Frank Pasciuti works with clients who experience such normal life ordeals as the death of a loved one, serious health issues, conflicts in relationships, or losing a job. In his work he has also observed incidents arising out of supernormal and paranormal experiences. Due to their rare occurrence and unfamiliar nature, these "spiritual emergencies," as they are often called, can raise fear and precipitate an emotional crisis. People baffled by these extraordinary events are often reluctant to speak of them for fear of being considered "crazy."

Dr. Pasciuti has developed a program to examine each of the ten areas of human functioning that may be impacted by both these normal and supernormal events. In this presentation, he will discuss this program using case examples and personal stories from his book Chrysalis Crisis, How Life's Ordeals Can Lead to Personal & Spiritual Transformation and discuss their impact on personal growth and transformation.