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Canine Heart Sounds 1970s Film Stock


Canine Heart Sounds are a Durham North Carolina music quartet, originally formed in Duluth Minnesota in 2007. And it should be mentioned they were all born in Wisconsin.

Its members spent the late 2000’s & early 2010’s individually lending a helping hand for other music projects (Bowerbirds, Rosebuds, Lost in the Trees, FREEMAN) & recording their debut album across multiple states, before finding a new home in North Carolina in 2012.

The group draws heavily upon influences of progressive rock, jazz, soul & experimental new music. For example, only one of their members actually likes Phish, & two of them went to college, but all of them like Keith Jarrett. Okay, A typical live performance often finds the group AB-SO-LUTE-LY shambling from improvisational instrumental pieces to traditional song-forms with multi-part vocal harmonies.

Canine Heart Sounds will release their third full length album, Sun Size Guitar in early 2022 & are preparing to record an album of original instrumental music at Betty’s Studio later this year. The group has previously toured as the backing band for Grandma Sparrow & Molly Sarle (Mountain Man) & have performed at the Eaux Claires, Bonnaroo, Hopscotch & Art of Cool Festivals.


As 1970s Film Stock, guitarist Eddie Garcia lays down hard on the altar of pedal worship, drowning audiences in a fuzzy wash of guitars that stagger between beauty and chaos. Experimental and shoegaze sound collages rub up against finger-picked melodies and sustained drones. 1970s Film Stock is often described as “cinematic,” with looping ambient textures, improvisation, skewed hooks, and live compositions that work as a soundtrack of a lost film.

“He powers his individual abstraction with fondness for Alan Licht and Derek Bailey, his guitar crying, sighing and screaming broken riffs and dissonant themes.” – Grayson Haver Currin

  • 347B W Main St
  • Durham, North Carolina 27701
  • Time: 7:30 PM
  • Location:
    Rubies on Five Points
  • Admission:
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