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Booty Break Dance Party Feat: Savant / Miss Beatz / Isabel Essence / Kino Del Sur

Sonic Essence co-curators Isabel Essence and Savant are back at The Pinhook with a new edition of Booty Break, featuring two new guest artists! Enjoy an eclectic selection of booty bouncing beats, all night long.

Featured artists will pull from a range of styles, including but not limited to: Detroit Ghettotech, Ghetto House, Techno Bass, Electro, Chicago Footwork, Bounce, Jersey Club, Baltimore Club, Deconstructed Club, and more!

Everyone 21+ is welcome, but don't forget - consent and communication is MANDATORY before getting up close and personal with anyone on the dancefloor. Staff will not hesitate to remove individuals that are making the space unsafe for the community. If you see something, say something!


Isabel Essence


Miss B. Haven

Kino Del Sur