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810 9th St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 937-9966
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Photo of Indiria Everett Indiria Everett
Feb 8, 2022 3

The food here is very good, but one of the workers there is somewhat rude. I wanted to customize the bowl by to adding 5 small scoops of mango since you can barely taste the 1 scoop they usually give. When I requested extra scoops, she just stared at me like I was insane and didn’t say anything? So I just said let’s do 3 scoops, and she went ahead and did that. The food is great overall, but the one worker there just seems to be rude times that I’ve visited.

Photo of Wes W Wes W
Feb 25, 2022 5

Had to give this place a try and I'm so glad I did. Food was very tasty and had lots of meat. The Musubi was very tasty - I recommend getting at least 2! Staff was friendly and helpful.

Photo of Beanna Masis Beanna Masis
Jan 29, 2022 5

Late post- Came in about a week or so ago and one of the girls working named Indie was incredibly helpful with helping me choose my poke bowl. She offered great selections and was very kind.. 100% definitely recommend! It was delicious and I will be coming back soon this week on my lunch break!

Photo of Douglas Kelly Douglas Kelly
Mar 9, 2022 4

Build your own sushi bowl style takeout. If you are looking for something light, healthier and fun go build a sushi salad at ZenFish Poke Bar. You get lots of choices in your base, (5)proteins, dressing and great toppings that will. Even though the price in $$ the choices are excellent to build your own pleasure. We all need more restaurants like this and less fast food mile high globbed up burgers and fries. Although I'm not a burger hater. If you like sushi and you like fresh crisp salad, you,ll really like Zen Fish

Photo of Meg Evan Meg Evan
Jan 8, 2021 5

We love Zenfish - best selection of any Poke bar in the area! Great options for meat eaters as well as vegetarians, with all the nutritional info on their website, which we really appreciate. Everyone working has always been nothing but nice. We've ordered Zenfish the most of any resturant in our area, we just don't get sick of it!

Photo of Nicole Piedra Nicole Piedra
Jan 4, 2021 3

I generally love ZenFish and the quality of their food. However, I do not recommend placing orders for pickup but rather going in and ordering in-person. I order frequently from here and every time I have tried to place an order for pickup at least one ingredient is missing. For example, I just ordered from here for pickup and the bowl had neither sauce on it. While forgetting an ingredient one off is fine, posting here only because it has been a trend for a while.

Photo of Indigo Lamb Indigo Lamb
Dec 16, 2020 5

A very tasty healthy meal at a reasonable price. They have better sauces and options than the brand name franchises that have been popping up for poke. The best part was the fun young lady chatting with me as she made up my order.

Photo of Ella Graham Ella Graham
Dec 9, 2020 5

absolutely love the food!! great customer service and so much food for the price! :))

Photo of Nolon Blaylock Nolon Blaylock
Nov 9, 2020 5

The portions are really good size and a great price! I have gone 3 or 4 times and gotten a new bowl each time - all have been great!

Photo of brooke brooke
Oct 31, 2020 5

Such great customer service and the food was AMAZING! The workers were very helpful. It was my first time eating here and they helped me pick out something.

Photo of Nima Babajani-Feremi Nima Babajani-Feremi
Sep 17, 2020 5

Great atmosphere! Fantastic vibes! Best employees ever!

Photo of Christina Riley Christina Riley
Sep 21, 2020 5

Absolutely love Zenfish! I’ve been to all three locations and the South Durham one that is new is so beautiful! I love that everything is so fresh and local. It’s nice to have such wonderful healthy options.

Photo of Nicole Rosegreen Nicole Rosegreen
Feb 24, 2018 5

I work near by and have to refrain from eating here all the time! It’s so good, healthy and fulfilling. I always order the same thing; a poke bowl. A large bowl will get you five scoops of protein (salmon, tuna, octopus, shrimp, etc) and unlimited extras such as edamame, seaweed salad, sesame seeds, sticky rice, kimchi, etc. It’s delicious but a little pricey.

Photo of Angie Lei Angie Lei
Sep 11, 2020 5

Great bowls, good service, and fun environment overall!

Photo of Avery McCoy Avery McCoy
Sep 12, 2020 3

Usually good but botched my latest order badly. Half of everything missing no sauce and a rotten avocado.

Photo of Juli DeBacco Juli DeBacco
Aug 19, 2020 5

Always fresh, delicious, and so flavorful and filling! I love it so much I actually crave it often! The staff is also always really kind, as well.

Photo of Wesley Hayward Wesley Hayward
Aug 25, 2020 3

Anyone eating this regularly needs a bump on the head. Decent food. Very low volume/price ratio.

Photo of Tim Jarry Tim Jarry
Jul 28, 2020 5

Employees are very friendly and helpful, the owners are awesome folks and the shrimp bowl is extremely delicious.

Photo of Matt Crutchfield Matt Crutchfield
Jul 9, 2020 5

Great ingredients, great people — my ‘go to’ spot when I want to support a local restaurant that serves fresh, chilled food in the heat of summer

Photo of Harvey Heath Harvey Heath
May 30, 2020 5

Just picked up some of the best poke I've ever had! Gotta check this place out, you will happy you did!

Photo of Donna  Turner Donna Turner
May 22, 2020 5

Awesome service, bringing food to the car. Fresh poke bowls with delicious veggies and crunchies. The sauces are hard to choose from as they are all delicious. Recommend Sriracha aioli on the top. Love Zenfish and tonight we had a rainbow follow us home. 🌈

Photo of Aritra Dgp Aritra Dgp
Aug 2, 2018 5

Loved this place.would go back again!

Photo of Kelsey Quillen Kelsey Quillen
Dec 28, 2019 5

Delicious, good quality food, and great customer service. I love this place. Thank you!!

Photo of Hannah Williams Hannah Williams
Nov 17, 2019 5

I love this place for getting a low carb sushi fix with their zucchini noodle poke bowl.

Photo of Adam DePrimo Adam DePrimo
Nov 20, 2019 5

Durham probably isn't one of first places you'd think of when it comes to fresh fish and poke bowls, but ZenFish fills that gap nicely. This is a small little nook of a restaurant located on 9th Street. Great food, gluten free options, definitely go grab a poke bowl!

Photo of Georgia Schumacher Georgia Schumacher
Nov 9, 2019 5

Good poke bowls. Somewhat limited seating (but there are options outside too) altho it's never too busy anytime I've been there.

Photo of Whitney Rowe Whitney Rowe
Sep 13, 2019 4

Solid poke. Definitely not the best I've had (Poke Bar in Raleigh is better) but fresh and good. Kombucha was good too (but expensive!)

Photo of M. Nicolaysen M. Nicolaysen
Oct 16, 2019 5

Great poke. Staff is very nice. Love all the options. And they have a discount with the ShopDurham card.

Photo of e g e g
Sep 29, 2019 5

Lots of options for a good price! The food was high quality with more options for the base, toppings, and sauce than most places! There’s not a ton of seating but they do use compostable containers, which is awesome! The service was fast and the food was good!

Photo of John Thomas Kong John Thomas Kong
Oct 14, 2019 5

I can’t say enough good things about Zenfish. The food is fresh and delicious. The people are so helpful in explaining everything. It’s so good we went twice in one day!

Photo of Megan Raley Megan Raley
Jul 20, 2019 5

Fresh and friendly! Love the smaller menu, option for veggie "noodles", and green to go containers.

Photo of A Johnson A Johnson
Jul 30, 2019 5

Always a great go to when we cant decide on anything else. Staff is friendly, food is fresh, portions are decent.

Photo of William Schmoker William Schmoker
Jul 1, 2019 5

House tuna and spicy tuna tossed in miso Ginger, cucumber and Sriracha aioli, over a bed of the most delicious brown rice I have ever tasted it was tender and had all kinds of delicate flavors in it, next time definitely getting extra brown rice. A touch of cilantro would have been nice but they didn't have any! The spicy tuna seemed to be the cats meow, as the house tuna had a few un-filleted strings of sinew. The next time I want to try the kombuchas they have, I did not realize how much they really had to choose from on the drink menu until I sat down and looked around decoding the different handwritten font wall and decoration menus of drink choices, they had all kinds of other amazing stuff to sip on besides glass bottle pop! Whoever wrote some of those menus in doctorish sand script or whatever font that was, really had a great time.

Photo of Robbed Often Robbed Often
Feb 13, 2019 5

I love that this place is so close to me, and on my way to work. My girlfriend is also a huge fan of the fresh ingredients and selection of protein, base, and toppings, not to mention the sauces. Combined with local kombucha, this place is just awesome, but smaller than some of their other locations, but ideal for a snatch and grab meal at lunchtime.

Photo of Cory Hauke Cory Hauke
Mar 2, 2019 5

This place is pretty good! A lot of protein option for your Poke, along with quite a few toppings too! Little on the pricey side for a quick meal.

Photo of Shaun Smith Shaun Smith
May 4, 2019 4

Not bad.. very filling. Small with limited seating. Reasonable prices.

Photo of Scott Russ Scott Russ
May 1, 2019 5

Poke bowl. Brown rice. Spicy tuna. Added pickled ginger and kimchi. Words don't do it justice. Just absolute perfection. I could eat it every day.

Photo of McKenzie Middlebrooks McKenzie Middlebrooks
Jun 11, 2019 5

Cute and cozy. Friendly staff kindly explained options to me. Nice outdoor seating and delicious food! Very impressed.

Photo of Stefanie Papke Stefanie Papke
Apr 16, 2022 5

Stopped by for the first time tonight and the staff was so patient and helpful! Food was great, my husband and I plan to come back!

Photo of Zelda M. Zelda M.
Dec 13, 2021 5

My favorite restaurant in Durham. I love the freshness of the ingredients and the variety of options you have to put in your bowl. The staff are always so nice and welcoming. I’ll keep coming back here.