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810 9th St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 937-9966
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Photo of Emilie Liadis Emilie Liadis
Oct 4, 2022 5

This is our go to take-out place! We order from ZenFish about 2-3 times/month. It's fresh ingredients and great options!

Photo of Annie Smith Annie Smith
Sep 5, 2022 5

We look forward to eating at Zenfish every time we visit the Durham area from out of state! The ingredients are fresh, food is delicious, and the service is always top notch friendly. My kids love eating here too which is a huge plus for a traveling family on the go. Highly recommend!

Photo of Jibo Zhang Jibo Zhang
Sep 1, 2022 5

The owner Janet is so sweet, we had some issues with an order and she made sure we were taken care of!

Photo of Reni N Reni N
May 14, 2022 4

Overall it's fine when you crave poke bowl. Make sure you ask for sause on the side or on top otherwise you will have a very dry bowl at the end. I like that they have quinoa as a base option. They are a little stingy with the toppings which made the experience a little awkward. No bathrooms and no in store sitting but plenty of sitting outside. You get 5 toppings but you can't have double of something due to COVID shortage.

Photo of Stefanie Papke Stefanie Papke
Apr 16, 2022 5

Stopped by for the first time tonight and the staff was so patient and helpful! Food was great, my husband and I plan to come back!

Photo of Douglas Kelly Douglas Kelly
Mar 9, 2022 4

Build your own sushi bowl style takeout. If you are looking for something light, healthier and fun go build a sushi salad at ZenFish Poke Bar. You get lots of choices in your base, (5)proteins, dressing and great toppings that will. Even though the price in $$ the choices are excellent to build your own pleasure. We all need more restaurants like this and less fast food mile high globbed up burgers and fries. Although I'm not a burger hater. If you like sushi and you like fresh crisp salad, you,ll really like Zen Fish

Photo of Wes W Wes W
Feb 25, 2022 5

Had to give this place a try and I'm so glad I did. Food was very tasty and had lots of meat. The Musubi was very tasty - I recommend getting at least 2! Staff was friendly and helpful.

Photo of Indiria Everett Indiria Everett
Feb 8, 2022 3

The food here is very good, but one of the workers there is somewhat rude. I wanted to customize the bowl by to adding 5 small scoops of mango since you can barely taste the 1 scoop they usually give. When I requested extra scoops, she just stared at me like I was insane and didn’t say anything? So I just said let’s do 3 scoops, and she went ahead and did that. The food is great overall, but the one worker there just seems to be rude times that I’ve visited.

Photo of Beanna Masis Beanna Masis
Jan 29, 2022 5

Late post- Came in about a week or so ago and one of the girls working named Indie was incredibly helpful with helping me choose my poke bowl. She offered great selections and was very kind.. 100% definitely recommend! It was delicious and I will be coming back soon this week on my lunch break!

Photo of Zelda M. Zelda M.
Dec 13, 2021 5

My favorite restaurant in Durham. I love the freshness of the ingredients and the variety of options you have to put in your bowl. The staff are always so nice and welcoming. I’ll keep coming back here.