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Yaya Tea


807 E Main St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 908-9090

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Photo of Carole Fraze Carole Fraze
Jun 29, 2023 5

Love the ordering kiosk, everything done to specifications and never wait long. The music is up beat and the atmosphere is chill with groovy music. There’s outdoor seating too!

Photo of Alayna Johnston Alayna Johnston
Jun 6, 2023 5

I haven’t seen many places with onigiri or tokoyaki, so this was the perfect spot- especially after coming back from Japan and I can now reminisce here! I loved the Japanese Rice ball, shrimp tempura, and the fruit boba teas, so far. I did make a nice place to stay a while to work, too. Google maps did take me to the wrong side of the building, but it looks like you may be able to walk through. Parking is on both sides.

Photo of Choo Reno Choo Reno
May 29, 2023 5

The girls working were so sweet, Serena even took both my friend and I Coins. It was my first time here with my friend and the tea is so flavorful but not overwhelming. I got a small “My first car” and my friend got Oolong tea with blueberry, mango and passion fruit flavor with mango pops and tapioca. I also had to grab a sushi rich ball (I got the Tuna size small) it was amazing 🤩 highly recommended

Photo of Ronald Baxter Ronald Baxter
Apr 12, 2023 5

I wish they opened a little earlier. But 11:00 is fine. Customer service is great and it keeps you coming back my children love the little knick knacks they sell. And my wife likes the bubbles and lychee drinks even more now. There was a lovely lobby next door with artwork that's changed every 3 months. Great place to work through and look at Art while you sip your tea.

Photo of Dorian Gainer Dorian Gainer
Jan 15, 2023 4

Really wonderful array of offerings—ramen, lots of different teas, rice balls, etc. My fiance adored the takoyaki and spicy tuna rice ball. Both of us thought our bubble teas were oversweet, and we ordered at the default 100% sweetened so we would do 75% in the future. It was a bit slower than we expected but not terrible. We got the text to tell us our order was ready over 10 minutes after we'd already picked it up and left, which I imagine could trip some folks up if they weren't waiting inside like we were. It's a bit hard to locate—you have to enter the building and turn left at the elevator, past the big desk with a security guard (depending on which door you come in through). He was nice enough to take one look at our confused expressions and tell us where Yaya Tea was. Guess that's a common question!