Yates Baptist Church


2819 Chapel Hill Rd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 489-2309
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Yates Baptist Church

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Photo of Michelle Miller Michelle Miller
Jun 19, 2018 1

I had contacted Yates Baptist Church twice for two different reasons. Neither time did they help my family. Thank goodness for churches that ARE about doing what's right and the way Jesus/God would have done..They obviously have money but I guess not enough to help the poor. How sad..

Photo of Tom amoreno Tom amoreno
Nov 20, 2017 5

Thanks for everyone's attendance at Sundays Dedication Service. The best Yates Church experience since 1954. Please come again this coming Sunday.

Photo of Roney Deas Roney Deas
Oct 23, 2013 5

I was at a low point.. and the Pastor was really there for me spiritually and emotionally. He is truly anointed! Im forever greatful for Yates!

Photo of Barbara Gaskins Barbara Gaskins
Feb 24, 2018 5


Photo of Kevin Clayton Kevin Clayton
May 2, 2019 5