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Xtreme Park Adventures


7460 Wake Forest Hwy
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 596-6100
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Photo of Clarisa Garcia-Fresco Clarisa Garcia-Fresco
May 3, 2019 5

What a great place to spend the day with your friends or family! They have a lot of fun things to do and a great outdoors! LOVE the paintball fields and the variety they have. They also have amazing escape rooms that you can do in between activities or go as an outing. To be honest, best escape rooms I have been to! Definitely a place to visit!

Photo of Marshon Minters Marshon Minters
May 18, 2019 5

While having my son's 10th birthday party my wife who is 6 months pregnant got hot and passed out. The staff was outstanding as everybody went into action showing that everybody was properly trained in case of an emergency. My wife was examined by the First Responders and all is okay. Having people there to help me in time of need is awesome! With this being said we will be back next year for another birthday party. I would like to thank the staff for going above and beyond thank you!

Photo of Ian Wallace Ian Wallace
May 13, 2019 4

I started playing airsoft here with a private group of friends last year. Since then I’ve considered buying a VIP membership so I can go more often. The crowds are never out of control, the staff are great and friendly, and the refs are all super professional and fair. The courses are great, though some could use some sprucing up. There’s always evidence of improvements being made, and I’m excited to see what the next season of games will look like at this field.

Photo of Billie Oakley Billie Oakley
May 26, 2019 5

Aside from the Xtreme heat, my Zip Line Adventure was awesome! All of the staff we came in contact with was friendly and welcoming! I would def recommend this place to anyone interested in a Zip Lining Adventure!

Photo of Ryan Link Ryan Link
May 6, 2019 5

Went today to go rope climbing and had so much fun. Jeremy was super helpful and even gave us a tour of the entire park! Highly recommend it for all ages.

Photo of Ashwini Gowda Ashwini Gowda
Oct 3, 2019 4

We went here for a team activity. They have a great staff and it's in a nice area in Durham to take a break from a usual work day. Some of my team members were first timers to ziplining, but the staff was very helpful in making the experience easy and fun!

Photo of Michael Thorman Michael Thorman
Sep 15, 2019 5

This was an awesome experience for the whole group, I will definitely be back and I encouraged anyone and everyone to try this place out. We thought it was just for paint ballin but they have so much more stuff to do there. All the staff there are so friendly and respectful and they guide you through everything, all we had to do was have FUN.......THANK YOU FOR AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE.......I GIVE THEM 50 STARS.......

Photo of Alison Kilburn Alison Kilburn
Jul 27, 2019 5

My small work team came to Xtreme Park Adventures for an afternoon of team building. We were set to do an escape room and then laser tag. My team enjoyed the ("bunker") escape room so much that we wanted to use the rest of our time to complete it (instead of playing laser tag). The team was extremely flexible, helpful and made sure we had a great experience. Can't thank the guys @ Xtreme Park Adventures enough — we will definitely be back!

Photo of Alex Toth Alex Toth
Sep 5, 2019 4

Not very professional staff, but we had to reschedule our session and they let us do an escape room for the trouble. The lab was fun! BEWARE THE INVISIBLE MONKEY!

Photo of Amanda Atkins Amanda Atkins
Oct 26, 2019 5

Second year we went. Always fun. Got there just after 7 and lines were low. went thru quick. Great just on the containers , jail cells and black out maze were awesome.

Photo of Tami McGraw Tami McGraw
Nov 24, 2019 5

My son and his friends celebrated his 16th birthday her . They had a great time. Our first paintball experience and we loved it. Daniel was our referee and he was wonderful. We will be back!

Photo of yusuf mufaddal yusuf mufaddal
Jan 18, 2020 4

This was the most fun I've had around Durham with any adventure activity. To top it all, it was raining heavily and was quite cold and so impacted the visibility, but was fun nonetheless.

Photo of Sierra Rivas Sierra Rivas
Feb 4, 2020 5

We came here for a company team bonding activity and cannot wait to come back! They were easy to work with and the facility is something out of a video game. The ref also kept us moving to multiple locations and offering different games to play. We played for two hours and it was the perfect amount of time as we were all tired by the end. They worked with us on offering photography services that we've since hung in our office. I would suggest getting there 20 minutes before your time in order to watch the safety video, fill out the release form, and get settled with equipment.

Photo of Felicia Bunch Felicia Bunch
Feb 3, 2020 4

Honestly as a former employee I can say this place is pretty nice! I've been up to play a few times myself and it was always good to see they kept getting better as time went on. Would recommend to many people just be careful when it rains because it tends to get a little messy and slippery!

Photo of Derek Bowers Derek Bowers
Mar 15, 2020 5

I don’t know what his name was but there was an kid (in the pic)working the front office very nice very helpful very respectful helped my kids a lot with everything they wanted to do and show them how to do it I will be coming back because of him. Even was showing them how to find our what rocks were what.

Photo of King Butter Pat King Butter Pat
Mar 15, 2020 5

Best place to play airsoft or paint ball. I’ve been going there to play airsoft for the past four years and absolutely love it. If you have the change to go then definitely do it. They also have laser tag but I’ve Never tried it. 5 out of 5.

Photo of Ed Piqueras Ed Piqueras
Dec 17, 2019 5

Just went to Xtreme Park adventures for the first time couple weeks ago to celebrate my son's 14th birthday. They have a phenomenal set up with multiple large Fields including woods, large wooden fortresses abandoned cars and much more. They have all the rental gear available so birthday parties are easy to set up. They also have public battles for airsoft and paintball. We did the public airsoft battles and had a blast!the staff were fun and engaging, and set up some cool games for everyone. They take safety seriously, and remind all players of the safety rules before and after every game. Great time for both adults and kids... We will definitely be coming back!

Photo of Michael Potter Michael Potter
May 12, 2020 5

I’ve done a lot of escape rooms, this was hands down one of the best. Tons of small details that make the experience, challenging puzzles, multiple rooms. The staff was really nice and took the time to make sure it was a great experience. Definitely going back to do another room.

Photo of John Lindquist John Lindquist
May 9, 2020 4

Pretty fun for first time out at birthday party. Boundaries of play area not clear for some fields thus only 4 stars but great experience and friendly staff! Water is only $1 at pro shop too 😊.

Photo of Eli Benjamin Eli Benjamin
Jun 14, 2020 5

After 7 years of playing here, 3 years of working here, and $350 every year for the past 3 years for vip, it is still a great field to play at for new players. The management is very accommodating and take the reviews very seriously.