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Xtreme Park Adventures


7460 Wake Forest Hwy
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 596-6100
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Photo of Kamron Pikkarainen Kamron Pikkarainen
Oct 22, 2023 5

Amazing. Community and staff are very friendly. If you want to share your love of the sport with others this is the place to be. I got 12 tags my first game of the day!

Photo of Lindsay Wenzel Lindsay Wenzel
Jul 31, 2023 5

We had a great experience with our zipline guides, Max and G! My kids, 12 and 9, had never ziplined before and they absolutely loved every minute! Max and G were very informative and explained everything very well so we could understand what we needed to do (which was nothing except to enjoy the ride because they do everything for you!). They both made us feel very safe at all times. And they went above and beyond to get me the photos and videos that we took during our tour. We will definitely remember our great experience, and remember them when we are back in the area!

Photo of Andrea Martin Andrea Martin
Jul 31, 2023 5

My son and I came here for the 8 line Zip Line with Quick Drop. I did find this on Groupon. We called and made reservations where they got my Groupon Codes, told us to arrive 10 minutes early to our scheduled time and it was simple to sign in and we waited for Max to come out who was our guide. In total it was a group of 5 people plus two instructors, my son loved it and I had a good time as well. Took about 1.5 ish hours for all of us to complete the course. Very mild walking and some straits to get to the different lines.

Photo of Brittany Chambers Brittany Chambers
Jul 14, 2023 5

We had my kid's 11th birthday party there and it was fantastic! The staff was all super nice, and the instructor was great and really good at wrangling seven 11 year old boys and getting them to listen. The area we played in was awesome. Will definitely go back!!

Photo of Joshua White Joshua White
Jul 6, 2023 5

A really fun authentic paintball experience. I loved the variety of maps and the way they encourage teaming up with others. The staff is as involved as you want them to be. I went with a small party of 3 and we had a great time with the premium package. I highly recommend grabbing the extra 500 paintballs if you like to just shoot around or you have new folks ;). The maps were all super fun but were in a state of gentle disrepair which made me just nervous enough to add to the game, but just be careful and treat the game with respect and nothing should give you too much cause for concern.

Photo of Althea Mcpherson Althea Mcpherson
Jul 1, 2023 4

My family and I visited Xtreme Park Adventures once again this summer, and my family enjoyed themselves. One of the attendant staff members named Anthony (a k a ) tony was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the customers' care and concerns about the park and the environment around the area. The young lady at the counter who helped us with our purchases was very nice as well.

Photo of Jennifer Dorff Jennifer Dorff
May 13, 2023 5

Fantastic private birthday party for teens. We experienced airsoft for 2 hours. Lots of room at the picnic benches. You can bring your own water and cake. Have a blast! Bryce and Annabelle are super fantastic employees!!!

Photo of Skeets Fish Skeets Fish
May 7, 2023 5

This was one of the best activities I’ve had with my kids! We did the gel blasters and had an absolute blast! “G” (nickname for a longer name he told us) who was our referee and seemed like the manager of the park was absolutely amazing in every aspect. He was knowledgeable, helpful, and made sure my kids had so much fun. As a single dad who has my kids only every other weekend- this was something my kids will never forget.

Photo of Jason Schreuder Jason Schreuder
Mar 13, 2023 5

This was the perfect place for an outing with my kids. Tons of activities and adventures to choose from. Everything comes with complete safety gear, and an experience guide or referee for the game. We tried gel blaster, an awesome alternative to paintball that was more kid friendly. We had a great afternoon, and will definitely be back!

Photo of Tristan Pridgen Tristan Pridgen
Jan 18, 2023 5

Took my kids here 10 & 11 today and they loved it we did the ATV Caesar our guide was fantastic we had so much fun!! Also did the rock climbing kids loved it. Great customer service definitely worth it!!