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7104 NC-751
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 484-4100
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Photo of E M E M
Dec 13, 2023 5

The customer service at this Wingstop is phenomenal. Better than any wingstop I’ve been to and I’ve been to probably every one in Durham and Raleigh several times. The staff is always very kind and helpful of all of my odd requests lol. And the food is amazing!! I never have issues but today I ordered this for my Birthday and there was a small issue that they promptly fixed with no problem and several apologies. I told them about 2 issues but realized it was only one after I had already called them. The wings were definitely made “extra well” like I asked. They even gave me a couple of extra wings. I will definitely keep returning here. Specifically the young tall African American guy with the locs who’s always at the register, the older lightskin gentleman and the tall white guy are all awesome! Oh and the cook (brown skin complexion guy) is awesome and follows my requests with no problem as well as the other cook (young Caucasian guy). Thanks guys!!

Photo of G C G C
Sep 5, 2023 5

We picked up our regular 50-wing boneless order. It was as hot and as absolutely delicious as ever. There are no better boneless anywhere and you can't beat the 70 cent boneless special. We prefer the dry flavors but all are outstanding. Thx Wingstop!!

Photo of Karla James Noland Karla James Noland
Jul 19, 2023 5

Excellent service. My food was ready upon arrival when ordering ahead. When I asked for an additional order of fries, it was hot and ready before I finished paying for it. Great group of guys at this location!

Photo of Albert C. Wilmer Jr. Albert C. Wilmer Jr.
Jul 11, 2023 4

Very friendly staff to be working on a holiday (4th) and not get holiday pay 😑 (per staff). Do better Wingstop. Food was fresh, I requested my wings fried hard and they did just that. The sauce was lacking. I chose the new "hottest " flavor honey hot something but it was not hot at all!!!!. Honestly you can get better wings at a better price from Food lions wing bar, open daily btw 11 and 1 the 4 to 6( can't believe I'm giving my secret spot away🤦🏾‍♂️

Photo of jadaslittlebiome jadaslittlebiome
Jun 16, 2023 4

The wingstop has been improving. I usually order when I get here instead of ordering on line to make sure everything is nice and hot, and so far everything has been crispy, hot, and delicious! If I can say one thing… the soda machine touch screen is NASTY. Covered in dried up soda and finger smears. A pretty sticky and gross experience. Please clean soda machine screen! Thanks 😃