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Whole Foods Market


621 Broad St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 286-2290
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Photo of Stefanie Spain Stefanie Spain
Jul 30, 2019 5

I ordered bakery cakes here multiple time and they were really delicious. Also the decorations were perfect, exactly what I was hoping for. The pricing is only slightly higher than other grocery stores, but it is totally worth it because the quality of the cake is so much better. AND it is a lot less expensive than other area bakeries. The frosting was delicious and not greasy. And the people working at the stores were all very friendly and helpful.

Photo of Justin Norman Justin Norman
Aug 28, 2019 4

As always, food selection was great here, especially if you’re looking for vegan options. The freshly made vegan pizza is great, and there are plenty of vegan meats and vegetables to choose from the aisles. It was a bit disconcerting to have a cop hovering in the dining area the entire time we ate, but otherwise it was a pleasant experience.

Photo of Rebecca Rebel Rebecca Rebel
Oct 20, 2019 5

Great place to grab a quick bite to eat. Parking lot does fill up fast

Photo of Russell Burnett Russell Burnett
Nov 12, 2019 5

Prices really are more reasonable now. Still has a great selection of quality foods. Hot bar and prepared foods are as good as it gets in the grocery business.

Photo of Monica Hodge Monica Hodge
Nov 17, 2019 3

Several of the 365 brand items in beauty care have been reformulated since Amazon purchased whole foods; body lotion now includes chemical preservatives, and the smell has changed. That said, Whole Foods remains one of the few places where more obscure food items, such as cauliflower flour, can be found. Plus Amazon prime members now receive 5% off purchases.

Photo of Melissa Sawyer Melissa Sawyer
Apr 19, 2020 5

I love coming here because the food is awesome, and the atmosphere is great.

Photo of gijs aarden gijs aarden
May 21, 2020 4

Whole foods carries great health food items, so items are pricey, but they have stuff that other store don't have.

Photo of Odessa Wingate Odessa Wingate
Jan 29, 2020 5

I shop here on a weekly and when I need help finding something everyone is very helpful. My last trip out the icing on the cake for me. I was in search of white and roses yesterday 01/28/2020 and I found a dozen red but no white. I asked the florist if there were any and he was kind and sawed me a bouquet with blue flowers and 3 white roses. So I was at the register about to spend $35 when I saw him again I asked if he was looking for me and he was!!!!! He told me he remembered about the white garden roses they just got in and was hoping I was still in the store. So I gave him a huge hug knocking off my hat in the process. I walked out with a wide grin on my face and two dozen of red and white roses for $25. The florist name is Kenny. Ask for him when you’re shopping for flowers at the Wholes Food in Durham.

Photo of Sarah Ojo Sarah Ojo
May 11, 2020 5

We now often drive 15 ish miles to this WF location (despite living a mile or so from our Chapel Hill location) as they provide excellent grocery pick up. Over the last couple of years, we discovered that the prepared foods and food bars at the Durham WF are fresher, and of a more interesting variety than the Chapel Hill location. Have found managent more open to new ideas and more organized at the Durham location. They have our business!

Photo of David Hewitt David Hewitt
May 20, 2020 4

Excellent selection of produce, seafood, freshly baked goods and cheese.

Photo of Pati Garci Pati Garci
Jul 4, 2020 5

kudos to them and their employees, I have been shopping here frequently during the covid pandemic and the staff and their professionalism, as well as their precautions with social distancing and the face mask requirement are respected and make me feel safe. I also feel like they have the best layout and selection in the triangle area.

Photo of Keith Thomas Keith Thomas
Jul 18, 2020 4

Great place. Service is great.

Photo of 林培源 林培源
Aug 20, 2018 5

I often purchase eggs,goat milk and other things in Whole Foods Market.Nice staff here,they are warm-hearted and do you a favor.People drinking beer and coffee in the corridor outside.

Photo of Michael Behrns-Miller Michael Behrns-Miller
Jul 30, 2020 5

Whole Foods Durham must have some competition from Weaver St. Market etc. here, it was empty and fully stocked and easy to shop. Staff was super nice!

Photo of CMJH Online CMJH Online
Aug 4, 2020 5

Curbside, touchless delivery, on-time,no tipping allowed. .. pure Amazon pure Whole foods! 5*

Photo of Roni Dez Roni Dez
Aug 22, 2020 5

Always a pleasure to shop here despite the cramped store layout. The store has decent sales on particular items and their selection of organic foods suits my needs. The employees are always kind and I appreciate all of the safety precautions taken due to Covid-19 .

Photo of Charon Frye Charon Frye
Aug 22, 2020 5


Photo of Mary R Lonski Mary R Lonski
Sep 8, 2020 5

Great selection. Temp Cool (not freezing) Nice folks!

Photo of Tish F. Tish F.
Sep 7, 2020 5

Best Bakery and Hot Bar for a quick meal. Quality that is expected.

Photo of Jeff Stone Jeff Stone
Sep 18, 2020 5

Healthy options.

Photo of Zoe Hughes Zoe Hughes
Aug 25, 2020 4

pricey but good healthy produce

Photo of Cassidy Cassidy
Sep 13, 2020 5

Great hot bar for lunch

Photo of BenJ BenJ
Oct 25, 2020 5

Best one in the area! Small but has great stock and staff and carries things I can't find at the others!

Photo of Monica Meza Monica Meza
Nov 5, 2020 5

Normally I buy food from the bar. The food is always delicious, fresh, warm and replenished. Someone used to serve the food due to restrictions. Now they have sanitizer, and plastic gloves for everyone to serve themselves. Thumbs up for the kitchen and bar preparers. Thank you. Great job! Muy buen trabajo muchachos. Son muy atentos!

Photo of Durham Local Durham Local
Nov 20, 2020 4

Parking lot can get crazy! But their selection and open hot bar is amazing! I also really enjoy their open patio in the summer! Easy walk from campus and there is also a cross walk!

Photo of Malessa Clemens Malessa Clemens
Dec 3, 2020 3

Always super helpful here, staff isnt always friendly but usually are for the most part. I’ve gotten bad shrimp from here once but they were happy to refund me. Also got broccoli that was infested with little worms, wasn’t able to refund the broccoli since I was bringing food to cook out of town but overall, I’m usually pleased with this market.

Photo of Burnes Ray Burnes Ray
Nov 30, 2020 3

If the staff would just stop believing their own press it could be a good place to shop.

Photo of Tami Prager Tami Prager
Jun 7, 2019 5

Great place for purchasing whole organic foods. It is a bit pricey even with prime discounts. Also a very busy location with tight parking. Best to shop at non-peak hours.

Photo of Juju Goes Juju Goes
May 16, 2019 5

I have yet to visit any Whole Foods and not love the experience! Staff are always kind and helpful and the food is always fresh, looks good, tastes great. I just always feel welcome and accepted in this environment.

Photo of Nixzali Salcedo Pena Nixzali Salcedo Pena
May 15, 2019 5

I love the wide selection of products at this location and the food at the food bar is delicious! The staff is very friendly and helpful as well. Keep up the good work!

Photo of T B T B
Apr 19, 2019 4

I recently tried the fresh pork chorizo, which I believe is made in-house. It was great! I'll be back for more. I do agree with another review that stated things have gone down hill since the Amazon deal.

Photo of Alex Liu Alex Liu
May 11, 2019 4

Lol pricey groceries. Sure the stuff is pretty good, but if it’s a basic item, check to see if another place has it for less. Harris Teeter’s has their fancy all-natural eye drops for a couple bucks cheaper, for example.

Photo of E Detomaso E Detomaso
Jul 5, 2019 5

Another place to pick up eye candy. As we were almost pick up by the beer aisle