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Whisk & Rye


3401 University Dr
Durham, NC 27707
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Photo of Sean Faidy Sean Faidy
Sep 7, 2023 5

The madam that runs this place, truly is a wonderful artist in the pastry field. I grew up in Morocco and always had pastries. This was a welcomed bite of nostalgia and new. Very impressed. highly recommend . Go for the Croissant pecan roll. One bite that bihhh.

Photo of Deena H Deena H
Aug 27, 2023 5

The best bakery and coffee in Durham! Tons of allergy- and dietary-friendly options for baked goods, delicious specialty lattes, and a great space to hang out and work or bring your dogs to sit outside. The owner and everyone who works there is fabulous. This place is truly a gem!

Photo of caimiao liu caimiao liu
Aug 24, 2023 5

Super super nice staff and amazing latte with really big and delicious croissants

Photo of Pattie McAlister Pattie McAlister
Jul 24, 2023 5

A hidden gem in Durham. The pasties are yummy and so are the drinks. I got this cinnamon knot (vegan) and a vanilla chai latte. It was so good that we were headed back the next day.

Photo of Steven Navarra Steven Navarra
Jun 25, 2023 5

A bakery with vegan options! This is amazing. I was able to get pastries i though i would never get to eat again. This place really hit the spot with their out of this world vegan chocolate croissants and peach scones. I cant wait to try more of their tasty treats!

Photo of Jeremy Tarr Jeremy Tarr
Jun 7, 2023 5

Cozy coffee shop with quality drink and pastries. About 8 small tables indoor and 6 outdoors on the porch.

Photo of Robin Suggs Robin Suggs
Apr 20, 2023 5

What can I say... probably the best latte I've had in some time. This will be my go to place for coffee when in Durham. My only request is that they offer a "large" size... otherwise perfect!

Photo of hannah hatcher hannah hatcher
Feb 18, 2023 5

Great little spot! Our coffees were very good and the croissants (cinnamon sugar, everything bagel, chocolate) were sooooo delicious. I also really like that they have little kids-sized drinks (small little cups with kid-appropriate temperatures for the drinks). I will definitely be back!

Photo of Kelsey Gray Kelsey Gray
Feb 17, 2023 5

I love these guys SO MUCH. I work around the corner and frequent them regularly - the quality and service is always amazing! They strive for inclusivity and supporting fair businesses and practices. I'm happy to use my dollars to support those goals and look forward to see how this amazing business grows! HIGHLY recommend stopping by to check them out. I've recommended them to countless others I work with. I always look forward to seeing what new coffee concoction Andy has devised and the pastries are exceptional. The cold treats are a new and fantastic addition. Can't say enough about this place!

Photo of Sarah Crump Sarah Crump
Jan 15, 2023 3

I understand that this is a local business that strives to produce fresh, high-quality baked goods. However, sadly, every time I have popped into their location on University Drive, they appear to be sold out of nearly all (or all) of the baked goods. They have a good variety of coffee beverages (though they are slightly pricey for what you get) and the customer service is decent. I just don't know that this is a shop that I would frequent in the future, because I can't anticipate if they'll have anything available.

Photo of Andrea W Andrea W
Dec 9, 2022 5

BEST COFFEE AND BAKED GOODS IN NC! No lie, I am always happy to spend my money here, the service is excellent and the coffee and baked goods are top notch. Many are gluten free and vegan and you would never know!

Photo of Dana Schrack Dana Schrack
Nov 30, 2022 4

Very crowded, but that can be a good sign. Probably really cute if I hadn't felt so overwhelmed at the time. I had a strawberry and cheese pastry and a latte with vanilla. The latte was good, but the pastry was even better! Also, they have a nice bathroom which is always a perk.

Photo of Sam Boyarsky Sam Boyarsky
Nov 1, 2022 4

I really want to love this place, but right now it is just like. It is right around the corner from me. The pastries are really good. The coffee is good, but in a city with Cocoa Cinnamon, Joe Van Gogh, and Counter Culture, it doesn't stand out. I love the outside seating area. The inside space is pretty awkward. The "order here" sign is next to where people stand to wait for their order rather than where people order. (deducting 1/2 star) Last time I was in was a comedy of errors, I waited to order behind people who had already ordered... when I realized the mistake, I ordered, then waited for several other people to order and be served before realizing that the staff had simply forgotten to make my coffee. They apologized profusely, but it was still frustrating. (deducting 1/2 star) I look forward to them working out the issues and being able to return with a 5 star review in the future.

Photo of Oyuki Allen Oyuki Allen
Oct 16, 2022 5

Finally found the best Matcha Latte in Durham 😋Very cozy atmosphere, clean and staff is very sweet and professional. Option to sit inside or in their shaded front patio.

Photo of Ben Hu Ben Hu
Oct 6, 2022 5

Fattest and best croissant ever. Awesome latte brew