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West Point On The Eno


5101 N Roxboro St
Durham, NC 27704
Phone: (919) 471-1623
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Photo of Mugdha Polimera Mugdha Polimera
Jun 6, 2019 5

Great trails and lovely views! We got a little lost trying to find the swim hole, but we just jumped into the water near the dam. There are "steps" where you can get into the water. It's relatively branch, moss and insect free. The water is clean and pretty warm between May and August. Even though the dam is nearby, there's not a strong current and it's completely safe to swim!

Photo of Matthew White Matthew White
May 29, 2019 5

What a place! whenever you need a break from all the noise of the city, come down to the Eno! They have a mill that still runs a garden and even a place to swim. there can be crowds in holiday, but any other day is fine. I'd suggest choose to go hiking or go in the water, but if you want to do both bring a change of clothes.

Photo of Taylor Stewart Taylor Stewart
May 24, 2019 5

A beautiful place right outside the city life. Short and long trails for every stage hiker. You can also walk across the waterfall just be careful and cautious. There are plenty of rocks to jump on and water across on the opposite side of the park. They have old buildings including a mill and much more open on Saturdays and sundays 1-5pm. They have port a potties but they were locked today. Also shelters and picnic tables.

Photo of Joe Betthauser Joe Betthauser
Jun 4, 2019 5

You get off a busy road and discover quiet and peaceful where you were not expecting it. Great lunch spot and a great festival at the fourth of July! The park has parking, trails, bathrooms,points of interest, The Eno river and other critters besides humans

Photo of Sherri Burch Sherri Burch
Jun 5, 2019 5

This was my first visit to West Point on the Eno. We met the man at the Mill, took lots of pictures, and rolled on my rollator across the bridge. We enjoyed it so much we lengthen our stay to do a private Bible study. Thanks for an enjoyable morning!!

Photo of Ken Ray Ken Ray
Jul 2, 2019 5

This is the kind of public space that every city wishes for, but only a few get. A slow cool river, banked by scenic, easily hiked hills. A historic and functional mill. A zealous citizen support group and a yearly music festival. Truly a green Jewel and an irreplaceable treasure.

Photo of Melanie Woods Melanie Woods
Jun 26, 2019 5

One of the best historic parks to go to in Durham! Plenty of walking trails to explore. Dogs friendly, bring your own poop bags please. You can walk along the river and possibly see some wildlife. Picnic tables located in several places.

Photo of Amos Baker Amos Baker
Jul 8, 2019 4

A good opportunity to enjoy a bit of nature within city limits. Cool off in the river or hike one of the many trails. The mountains to sea trail passes right through so no shortage of hiking opportunities.

Photo of Rachel Rachel
Jul 7, 2019 5

Awesome place to go swimming on the deep side for adults. Also for kids or those not interested in deep water it's a great place to enjoy the shallow water on the other side of the dam. Parking is pretty close too.

Photo of Romain Findlay Romain Findlay
Sep 22, 2019 4

This location was the venue for the Caribbean Jerk Festival. Its hilly so wearing a comfortable shoes would be great! A lot of parking space.

Photo of Shannon Medlin Shannon Medlin
Oct 23, 2019 5

Visited the park with the love of my life to walk for the first time on any trails since 2006 car accident. Beautiful trails. Clean and clearly marked.

Photo of clonedela . clonedela .
Dec 14, 2019 4

Fun place unless it's July 4th and then it's really expensive for the same fun stuff.

Photo of Joy wendt Joy wendt
Jul 12, 2019 5

Awesome, Well Maintained Historical Nature Area. The Old Mill and Water Wheel and Dam are Beautiful! The Museum is full of history and Indian Artifacts and the Staff are Passionate about the history and the Natural World surrounding. The trails are super well marked and Maintained. I grew up chasing minnows and tadpoles over 30 years ago, and West Point On the Eno has always been AMAZING for Families....We went to camps, and now My 7yo does...I have been hiking at night with Fantastic Guides, canoeing, and even Birthday parties growing up.Quality Preservation of History and Nature!

Photo of Judgkee Johnson Judgkee Johnson
Jul 10, 2019 5

I absolutely love this place. Excellent for a day out to get away and just enjoy the peace and the serenity of nature. Have gone out here for several picnic dates, but my favorite thing to do is take my little boy well my dog Kane out for a swim and an evening of festivities in the park. You'd never would imagine that such a great place is hidden right here in Durham. Whether you are a hiker, enjoy riding bikes, a dog enthusiast, or just looking for a nice place to go sit down and enjoy the sound of running water and nature all around you. The Eno is a must do if you're visiting the city of Durham or if you live here.

Photo of R Myers Johns R Myers Johns
Nov 5, 2019 5

Love bringing the dogs here, using trails that go to the swimming hole, rock hopping with my sister, and getting muddy in a good way. Parking areas in middle as well as along gravel access road at various trailheads. I love using the bridge parallel to Roxboro St and heading up to the amphitheater. The annual Festival on the Eno has a great venue here for artists and vendors we've enjoyed in the past. Never been in the museum, but reviews here remind me I should avail myself of the sights and history. West Point on the Eno is a quieter recluse of hiking compared to the Eno River SP, when its southern sister park is overflowing and a respite is needed. The Bo' is nearby, so slurp some sweet tea after all that sweaty hiking!

Photo of Nicole Boddie Nicole Boddie
Mar 14, 2020 4

Great place to walk your dog. On leash only. The historical points of interest are neat to see and learn about. Just wish they had more dog waste stations to help prevent others from leaving dog pies in the park.

Photo of D1hero D1hero
Mar 13, 2020 5

Cloudy day but still an enjoyable walk in the park. Lots of sights and space to wander around.

Photo of Nakoa Sones Nakoa Sones
May 3, 2020 5

Beautiful spot to go and swim...yes swim you can swim behind the dam about 7 1/2 feet at the deepest also a great place to see wildlife I hunt snakes and I go here to find copperheads.....stay away from the reeds also a lot of crawfish and bullfrogs. A wonderfull spot to go fishing as well as treasure hunting found a gold ring here once

Photo of Catherine Warholak Catherine Warholak
May 21, 2020 5

I love this park 🥰 Always peaceful and plenty of trails plus the water 🤗

Photo of Robert Wilson Robert Wilson
Jun 22, 2020 5

This is a beautiful Park. I love getting to see the gristmill and the old historic house. I would come when you have time to bring a picnic lunch. there are a number of trails, you can swim in the river, and there are lots of historical buildings to see. If you choose to swim, do so at your own risk. There are no lifeguards, and they do recommend not swimming.

Photo of kim randall kim randall
Jun 11, 2020 5

Whole Family went. Had an amazing time in the water on a sunny day. Will go back again. NOTE: make sure to have swimming shoes

Photo of Randy King Randy King
Jul 4, 2020 5

Loved this July 4th we had a great time fun in the sun. There's a lot to do here but I stayed in the water most of the day!

Photo of Jay Law Jay Law
Jul 18, 2020 4

Interesting didn't expect to see people swimming in the water like a city pool but it was cool

Photo of Zach Hibbard Zach Hibbard
Jul 24, 2020 5

Best park in Durham!!! Great walking paths and areas to cool off in the water

Photo of Jenny Krause Jenny Krause
Aug 19, 2020 5

West Point is one of my favorite parks and I have a lot of nostalgic memories there!! There's so much to explore and sennett's hole (turtle hole) is really the best. I cannot recommend the eno and all its parks enough

Photo of Mike G. Mike G.
Aug 28, 2020 5

This place is a blessing to me spiritually. I have both gotten very very lost here a couple times, and yet metaphorically found a new aspect of myself each time I go. I love this Park and Durham is much better for Eno river park.

Photo of chris lynch chris lynch
Aug 30, 2020 5

It is beautiful and plenty of room for people to swim and the waterfall is gorgeous. Plenty of places to walk and family oriented. Great place to take a surprise date like I did.

Photo of Thomas Dorriety Thomas Dorriety
Sep 5, 2020 4

West point on the Eno is a fun park with plenty of activities. Shame some are closed due to Covid-19. The river was still fun for the pup.

Photo of Sue Brindle Sue Brindle
Sep 12, 2020 4

Love this place. Lots of storm damage, hope the money can be found for clean up and repairs.

Photo of Evelyn Robertson Evelyn Robertson
Sep 19, 2020 5

Great park with nature trails & waterfalls !

Photo of Dewey Langston Dewey Langston
Sep 15, 2020 5

Nice place to take a hike.

Photo of Julissa Olivares Julissa Olivares
Aug 28, 2020 4

Beautiful contact with nature

Photo of Andrew McCrea Andrew McCrea
Sep 8, 2020 5

Nice place to swim and hike.

Photo of Steph Townes Steph Townes
Aug 31, 2020 5

Beautiful walk

Photo of Jeffrey Franco Javier Jeffrey Franco Javier
Sep 1, 2020 5

I love this park!!

Photo of Charles Titel Charles Titel
Dec 28, 2020 5

A great place for stroll or hike. Many trails to explore. The grist mill is operational as far as I know. A wonderful place to sketch, paint, and photograph. Kayak or walk along the Eno River. A quiet place to take a picnic.

Photo of Andrea C.J. Andrea C.J.
Jan 18, 2021 4

The area was very clean and lively. It was great to see people enjoying God's nature. The moss paths are lush and soft. Please get out and enjoy!