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Vert & Vogue


353 W Main St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 797-2767
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Photo of Valeria Amadei Valeria Amadei
Mar 12, 2019 5

I loved the style of the shop, the designer clothes and how everyone was very welcoming. Almost like a big family. I bought a dress and a necklace by Peppertrain. I can’t wait to wear them. I am still thinking about some very cool and comfortable clogs I tried. I may have to go back!

Photo of Ellen Song Ellen Song
Mar 12, 2019 5

Beautiful shop filled with ethically-produced, high quality items (yes, prices are higher than what you'd find at the mall, but you really do get what you paid for). V&V does great work with community organizations, their customer service is top-notch, and they go out of their way to make the shop accessible with frequent public events. A real gem in downtown Durham!

Photo of mmsapollo . mmsapollo .
Apr 10, 2019 5

This shop is a magnet for all the reasons mentioned by others. I still wear items I obtained early in their opening! Long live Vert & Vogue! Wish I still lived in Durham💝Great gifts, jewelry, comfy shoes, lovely bags, natural fibers. Ryan💘Nadira.

Photo of testedatried 123 testedatried 123
Feb 27, 2019 5

A bit pricey. But I love the exclusive fragrances.

Photo of Genevieve Gholizadeh Genevieve Gholizadeh
Dec 30, 2018 5

The gift recipient LOVED his new Veja kicks! Vert & Vogue came in clutch for this high quality, fairly-priced Christmas present. Mille mercis!

Photo of Stephanie Gibson Stephanie Gibson
Jun 22, 2019 5

Best shopping experience ever. They deliever on time. Prices are great and a shop where you can find all of your favorite brands in one place. I would recommend this store to anyone!

Photo of Taylor Esteban Taylor Esteban
Aug 4, 2019 5

Great place, and Lindsey was a delight to be around! Wow amazing store amazing person!

Photo of Jordan Burleson Jordan Burleson
Apr 28, 2013 5

Great customer service, great clothes and great materials. They took excellent care of my wife when she was jean shopping. They have vegan shoes and clothing and most products are environmentally friendly. Great boutique right in the heart of Durham and Brightleaf Square.

Photo of Natalie Knox Natalie Knox
Apr 1, 2020 5

I don't have enough good things to say about Vert & Vogue! Not only is their selection curated so perfectly, they have the best customer service. Everyone is so knowledgeable about the product as well as SO warm and friendly. Just an overall cool store that makes you feel cool even by association. Love them!

Photo of Ivy Simon Ivy Simon
Apr 26, 2020 5

Defining both high style and warm community, Vert & Vogue has a welcoming vibe that invites you to look and feel your best. From the chic earrings and clean nail lacquers that put a pep in my step, to the Shinola watch and Rachel Comey clogs on my wishlist, Vert & Vogue offers inspiration to create an outward appearance that reflects a bright light within. Can’t wait for the next Third Friday happy hour!

Photo of Aimee Greer Aimee Greer
Apr 6, 2020 5

Always accommodating and friendly staff; Nadira can put together an absolutely stunning outfit for you or advise you on how to make a purchase work with what you have in your closet!!! Love when I come to Dirham and can shop here. ❤️

Photo of Chelsea Vohwinkel Chelsea Vohwinkel
Apr 2, 2020 5

They curate their collections thoughtfully and with sustainability in mind. Love their style and their mission.

Photo of Katy Dickinson-Schultz Katy Dickinson-Schultz
Aug 11, 2020 5

There is no better place to find sustainably made, unique clothes than Vert and vogue. They only carry things that meet both your fashion needs and personal values. The staff is amazing. They are helpful and great at suggesting things without putting any pressure on you. Plus, they are just all around fantastic people. Seriously, just make an appointment and see for yourself.

Photo of Sally Swanson Sally Swanson
Aug 11, 2020 5

I admire the work of this team so very much. Yes, they lift you and connect you with style and expression - but they do it in the context of community. They support the designers/businesses whose goods they carry; they support sustainable living; they support diverse and artistic voices in the community; they support sister businesses and the heart of Durham. I am so extremely grateful for this business which honestly is more of a friendship. If all businesses could have such integrity and love at the center of what they do!!

Photo of Tess Petesch Tess Petesch
Aug 12, 2020 5

V&V offers so much value that shoppers can't find elsewhere, especially online. Staff are extremely knowledgeable, personable, and fun and the shop has great variety. A lot of the best finds I have from V&V are things I didn't pick out but they suggested I try on. Nadira and Stephanie are warm people who truly love interacting with and getting to know their customers, and finding them something they'll be very happy with. They're also committed to making the Durham community better. Could not recommend this place any more highly. Truly my favorite shop.

Photo of Melissa Herman Melissa Herman
Aug 22, 2020 5

Thoroughly enjoyed my approval box from Vert & Vogue! Although nothing can top actually being in the store, Nadira, Stephanie, and Kaitlin clearly took the same care and keen eye to composing the box because it was filled with beautiful pieces that were perfect for me. It brought some much-needed sunshine to me and I loved having my own mini fashion show at home. Merci V&V!

Photo of Katharine Kollins Katharine Kollins
Sep 5, 2020 5

Enjoyed my first COVID shopping experience and it was wonderful! The V&V team take every precaution to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. No others in the store, masks, gloves, and the incredible service V&V is known for. I came away with a few pieces I can't wait to wear. I wasn't sure if I would ever enjoy shopping again, but even in a mask and gloves, it was such fun!

Photo of Mara Buchbinder Mara Buchbinder
Oct 13, 2020 5

Vert & Vogue is the most delightful place to shop in Durham! I have been a long-time customer and was excited to return to the store for the first time since COVID-19 for my one-on-one appointment. The V&V team did not disappoint! The one-on-one attention was wonderful and I felt very safe with the health precautions. What a fun way to spend an afternoon!

Photo of fatima rangwala fatima rangwala
Aug 13, 2020 5

I love shopping at vert and vogue! The shop is in a beautiful space and the team is welcoming and creative. They carry beautiful clothes that are unique and embody their values. I recently had a one-on-one styling appointment that was so much fun!

Photo of Catherine Green Catherine Green
Sep 8, 2020 5

I miss being able to “shop at will,” but the V and V team ( and their awesome website) make the online experience seamless. I love my new pieces and I love that if I need to bring something back, they understand. Many, many thanks!

Photo of Courtney James Courtney James
Dec 16, 2020 5

It's such a pleasure shopping at Vert&Vogue. In addition to adding a few key pieces to my wardrobe, it always feels like a fun lesson in fashion when I'm there. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Photo of Diane Flynt Diane Flynt
Dec 15, 2020 5

Vert & Vogue is stacked high with lovely items for your home and yourself. Lots of price options and every item is a quality piece you will enjoy, whether an elegant scented candle or a beautiful blue cropped sweater...like the one I bought last week, thanks to Nadira's always excellent advice.

Photo of Bernadette Doykos Bernadette Doykos
Dec 7, 2021 5

Had a truly wonderful experience here. Had heard rave reviews from a good friend from years, and finally had the chance to visit while I was in town. The items are truly beautiful and so thoughtfully curated. Each of the women working there was so kind. Madison procured the perfect pair of pants in my precise size without me even having to say it out loud. All in all a fabulous experience.

Photo of Catherine Green Catherine Green
Jun 27, 2021 5

An update to my prior reviews. The Band V team continues to bring their best game! I recently had to return an item and they were incredibly gracious! I so look forward to my next trip into the store as the world gradually opens back up.

Photo of Erin Gullikson Erin Gullikson
Feb 12, 2022 5

Had another lovely visit to Vert & Vogue! I was given a great shopping experience by Johanna and Madison, who were both so knowledgeable about the season’s collection. It was also so easy to book an in store shopping appointment while the store isn’t running official hours open to the public right now.

Photo of Ania Berchuck Ania Berchuck
Jan 20, 2022 5

I had a wonderfully curated, personalized experience at my in-store appointment with Vert & Vogue! Kaitlin pulled everything for me ahead of time and I loved that! She picked things that were just right for me and helped me so much. Best day ever!