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Twin Lakes Park


439 Chandler Rd
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 560-4355
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Photo of Jhulye Sparrenberger Marti Jhulye Sparrenberger Marti
Mar 6, 2023 5

Great public playground for kids! It is also safe because there are always some families with the little ones.

Photo of Shai Gardner Shai Gardner
Feb 27, 2023 5

Always a great place to play soccer or even take a job with a field surrounded by a paved walk/run path as well as a nice little park for the kids. Good scenary and peaceful environment.

Photo of Michelle Fearon Scales Michelle Fearon Scales
Oct 11, 2022 4

Great playground and swings build for all ages. There is a 2-5 yr old section, and parts for older kids. My 3 yr old loved running around this playground even though there were some things that were too big for him to be able to do. He loved the "bumpy" rolling slide best. I actually really liked that the big slide required being able to go up more complicated ladders so that the young kids couldn't get up there. The playground was a bit dated and could use some new paint/upgrades, but it seemed perfectly safe. Unfortunately there was a fair amount of trash around the playground. Please pick up after yourselves when you visit! There are also soccer fields, picnic shelters, and some trails around the park. I think the trails are paved but there are some roots growing through them so it's not very smooth for a stroller.

Photo of B Duffie B Duffie
Oct 6, 2022 4

T-Mobile did an upgrade on some of the local towers and now I have service here. The park is always being cleaned by the city workers when I'm there, I just wish the park visitors took it upon themselves not to leave the trash behind- children run and play in this playground and will easily pick up your old soda cans and other garbage.

Photo of Briana Nicole Briana Nicole
Jun 14, 2022 4

Great park for your little ones in the day time. If you go in the evenings there is no parking, unleashed dogs, and a full soccer league so you can’t use the walking trail. I love to walk and trying to find a park where your kid can play or at least run and chill is hard. But this park has a cute little trail near water. So the kids can see geese and fawns while you get those steps in. If you really want to walk there is a paved trail around the soccer field. So you can walk, and your kids can either run, relax or play basketball and you can watch them the entire time. If you enjoy fishing I saw looks of folks with poles. Not sure of the rules but with the number of people I saw I’d say it’s probably okay. They had very large picnic areas that were covered and a nice playground was shaded so no full blast sun.