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Triton Stables


2521 Baptist Rd
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 622-3487

Triton Stables

Google Reviews

Photo of Asian Ricecakes Asian Ricecakes
Oct 5, 2018 1

I called several times and left a few messages to get a hold of one of the riding coaches to get setup for riding lessons. The least they could have done was call back to let me know they aren’t taking new riders.

Photo of Zita Beck Zita Beck
Sep 24, 2018 1

Triton Stables: Owners of Triton Stables are really uptight and snooty toward their customers.

Photo of Ava Jackson Ava Jackson
Nov 28, 2015 5

A great place to learn to ride! I have been riding at Triton for 4 years and have learned so much! So many great horses and amazing trainers! They also go to a lot of away shows, as well as shows at the barn every month during the show season. Has a great atmosphere and all the people are very nice and friendly! Overall a great barn for a rider of any age or level :)

Photo of Ella Fullerton Ella Fullerton
Jan 22, 2016 5

This is the best place to grow up; surrounded by wonderful people and horses. I have been riding with Triton for almost 20 years and have had amazing success with Shep and Megan by my side. This is a great place for a serious competitor and for someone wanting to learn what it is to ride and love horses.

Photo of Velvet Baker Velvet Baker
Nov 28, 2015 5

We have been very happy with Triton Stables. The trainers are extremely encouraging with children of all ages, from the early beginners to high school kids honing their jumping skills. I have two children at Triton and continue to spread the word of what a great barn Triton is.

Photo of Anya Scholl Anya Scholl
Aug 13, 2019 5

We love Triton Stables! We found this place using a coupon, but have stayed for the last seven year because we can't imagine going anywhere else. Not only did my daughter learn how to ride and show, but she learned how to be good horse person as well. I love that they stress the importance of proper riding techniques, care of horses, and barn responsibilities. The trainers, Shep Welles and Megan Ward-Trump, encourage these young people to have a strong empathy for the horses they ride and foster a life long love of the sport. From pony rides, to just learning to ride, to going all the way to Pony or Medal finals, this place is for you if you love ponies and horses! It is the best place to learn to ride and show, make life long friendships, and enjoy horses 24/7. I am also so excited for their EIRA, IEA, and SIRA teams (young kids, youth/teen, adult) that teaches the kids teamwork and good sportsmanship.