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Trinity United Methodist Church


215 N Church St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 683-1386
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Photo of James Brown James Brown
Nov 2, 2021 5

Great place to come and worship!!!

Photo of John Cook John Cook
Oct 7, 2021 4

Friendly people help with clothes if u are in need of basic necessities to get u through

Photo of Dani “kryhicks45” Dani “kryhicks45”
Jan 17, 2022 5

I was there for night shelter. I loved the fact for what it was covid guidelines where strictly enforced. Mats where spaced accordingly. Volunteers where kind and generous towards us homeless. The church itself is a work of art given it's history. Clean, organized and pleasant experience overall.

Photo of Mary Mary
Sep 1, 2020 5

I love this church! They feed you, clothe you and let you get your mail here too. That's not all, of course. They also minister to the spirit on Sundays. I love this church!

Photo of Magan Stubblefield Magan Stubblefield
Aug 8, 2020 5

Lovely congregation with a heart for serving their community.

Photo of Warren Brown Warren Brown
Apr 30, 2017 4

Good spiritual church service

Photo of A Google User A Google User
Dec 1, 2014 5

wonderful people here at TUMC!

Photo of Just joshea Just joshea
Dec 18, 2018 5

Great food and staff

Photo of Patrick Ford Patrick Ford
Dec 8, 2018 5

Great people and great service for the Lord

Photo of Michael Kirschner Michael Kirschner
Mar 2, 2019 4

They do great things.

Photo of Aishah Young Aishah Young
Dec 20, 2018 5

The Sunday service is just as enjoyed as the services they offer. Thanks for all you do

Photo of Carol Davis Carol Davis
Apr 16, 2019 5

Ate a free lunch there and it was delicious! Thank you very much to these people!

Photo of D Nicole Williams D Nicole Williams
Sep 13, 2022 5

I spent time at Trinity United Methodist Church by way of my participation im project bridddge Via Duke Divinity School. We had a great time serving the local community. We Distributed food that was prepared by the local community. Showers were available for those who needed showers. Haircuts were provided by local a Pastor. We also were able to package up clothing and shoes including jackets and hats for those who wanted to shop. It was a great experience and I wish many more people could experience this level of service and engagement with our friends and family living in conditions that are different from our own.