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Triangle Jiu Jitsu Academy


124 Latta Rd
Durham, NC 27712
Phone: (919) 358-8323
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Photo of Matthew Mandelin Matthew Mandelin
Jan 11, 2024 5

I started attending the last February with no experience in jiu-jitsu, nor knowledge of its existence. I am now a 3 stripe white belt in jiu-jitsu and a yellow belt in judo. Classes provide excellent detail, the instructors are patient and great at working in a step-by-step basis, and fellow students are all always very welcoming and supportive. If you are in the triangle, check out Triangle Jiu Jitsu.

Photo of James Tscherne James Tscherne
Oct 6, 2023 5

Stopped in to train as I was passing through Durham, NC. Very welcoming crew and good, technical training. Facilities were clean, Instructor was professional, and training partners were very friendly. Would definitely recommend this school.

Photo of Joshua Klein Joshua Klein
Aug 6, 2023 5

Went there for a competition. An amazing facility. Complete with a shop for Gis, fighting apparel and accoutrements, a chiropractor, spa and obviously a place to train. The Gis are not specific to triangle BJJ so come one come all. The designer is on site and the Gis are great quality. I'm tall and thin, she found a Gi that fits perfectly for me. If I'm ever in this neck of the woods, I'd love to go to hop in and take a class or roll at open mat.

Photo of Maxim Nikitchenko Maxim Nikitchenko
Jul 10, 2023 5

Awesome place! Family-like atmosphere. Diverse experience: BJJ, judo, wrestling. You choose what you want. If you got kids, the scheduling is perfect - kids classes are every day 5-6 followed by adult classes. Plus early morning classes for early birds. Plus noon adult classes every day. The most wholesome experience in the area.