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Triangle Jiu Jitsu Academy


124 Latta Rd
Durham, NC 27712
Phone: (919) 358-8323
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Photo of Priya Nakkiran Priya Nakkiran
May 20, 2019 5

Seth, Detroit, Brandon and Andrey are all absolutely fantastic instructors and they've made TJJ my favorite place to train both self defense and sport jiu jitsu. Seth convinced me to get into martial arts a little over two years ago and I'm incredibly grateful my first exposure to the sport was such a positive one. The community at the gym is the friendliest, most supportive one I know - everyone trains hard, but everyone's also there to help each other. Would strongly recommend!

Photo of Chris DeMond Chris DeMond
Dec 10, 2018 5

Great class format and instruction. Seth and Detroit are knowledgeable and great at communicating techniques. Really enjoy training here.

Photo of Derrick Ladd Derrick Ladd
Nov 16, 2018 5

Triangle Jiu Jitsu is a great place to get in shape, learn self-defense and or to prepare yourself for the competition scene. Seth provides top-level instruction in a way that can be understood by the novice or the advanced student. If you have an opportunity to train in Durham, make sure you stop by to see just what makes TJJ so special.

Photo of Marcus Cheek Marcus Cheek
Nov 22, 2018 5

This is an amazing place to train. Seth Shamp believes in a self defense approach to training that speaks well of the lineage I chose to study. With the addition of a second black belt, Rod "Detroit" Hanson, the quality of instruction continues to grow.

Photo of Elijah Sacra Elijah Sacra
Mar 14, 2019 5

As a US. Marine Corps Veteran, Exercise Physiologist and Functional Medicine Health Coach for over two decades, I am always on a relentless quest to find the best practitioners to support and guide me in every genre. From day one as a White Belt stepping into my first Jiu Jitsu class, Royce Gracie Black Belt Seth Shamp and the TJJ Community made me feel welcome and included. Bring your family and friends! My wife and two kids all started at the same time and TJJ is a friendly, no ego, family environment. Seth executes every class I take with him in an extremely accessible teaching style that was simple but precise. His excellent attention to detail in regards to lesson plans serve all of his students at every level. Additionally, he takes the time to address lifestyle modifications, exercise, and ways strengthen the mental state that reinforces the larger practice of the art. Thanks Professor Seth Shamp and Triangle Jiu-Jitsu! Elijah Sacra

Photo of Matt Thomson Matt Thomson
Jul 25, 2019 5

We were visiting Durham for a few weeks and I wanted to train while away from my home. I attended 4 classes each week and felt my skills growing with each class. Seth's style of teaching is direct and to the point. He doesn't waste time talking too much or going over the skill more than necessary. He introduces a skill, gives some great examples then lets you start practicing. Right about when you realize you're making a mistake he stops everyone and shares some insight that corrects what you were doing wrong. A much better teaching style than cramming too much info up front. Brandon, a brown belt who teaches the morning class was wonderful as well. He brought his knowledge of Judo to the sessions and blended it seamlessly with the Jiu Jitsu skills we were working on. He also has a great teaching style. He began with slow reps of each skill and eventually got to rolling games by the end of class using the skill we'd just practiced. Brandon has a laid back personality and makes class a lot of fun. The rolling after class on Mon and Wed night was great. Several of the higher belts like Detroit and "Juicebox" made real efforts while rolling with me to take the time to point out what I should work on and corrected my mistakes. The entire school has a positive and encouraging feel to it. Overall I was so impressed with Triangle Jiu Jitsu. If I lived here full time, there's no question that this is where I would train.

Photo of Anthny “Tony” Jckmn Anthny “Tony” Jckmn
Aug 14, 2019 5

Seth is a brilliant Brazilian Jiujitsu intructor, with vast knowledge behind the mechanics of this amazing self defense system, between him my teammates an the great staff of folks that work there, I've always felt welcomed and right at home.

Photo of Ralph Belk III Ralph Belk III
Nov 24, 2019 5

TJJ offers great technical instruction in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in a positive & welcoming environment. Their kids classes are also a great mix of self defense, discipline, and fun.

Photo of jimmy maher jimmy maher
Feb 9, 2017 5

Triangle Jiu-jitsu gives the absolute best all around experience in the area if you train mma, jiu jitsu, want to get in shape, self defense, or all around fitness. Any age or level will have a great experience training here and Seth Shamp, a Royce Gracie black belt is not only one of the most knowledgeable instructors, his patience, determination and understanding of what drives each of his students guarantees you the results your looking for!

Photo of Ken Ray Ken Ray
Sep 9, 2016 5

We have been so happy to have our son attend Triangle Jiu Jitsu Academy. Seth and his team took the extra time and care to bring our boy up to speed in a way that he can understand and feel comfortable with. It only took a week for our kid to go from zero knowledge about jiu jitsu to being a dedicated student attending three afternoons per week. Lesson prices are very reasonable. The facility is clean, safe, unpretentious and kid-friendly. I wholeheartedly recommend Triangle Jiu Jitsu Academy.

Photo of Wen Sun Wen Sun
Nov 7, 2018 5

Seth is a great instructor who teaches self defense and BJJ at Duke University and his gym. His gym and the people there are awesome. And they have a new black belt teaching now.

Photo of J Mart J Mart
Mar 31, 2022 5

Super beginner-friendly place! We have zero martial arts experience, so it was very intimidating to get started (esp as a woman), but the culture at Triangle BJJ is very welcoming and helpful. And of course the classes are exciting! The 6:00 classes are more beginner level, in the 7:00 classes they still are careful to explain for newbies and help you, but it moves faster. They seem to be fine with people attending several times for free before you decide if you want to join or not. You don't have to buy a gi right away, either. They are happy to see you when you visit, but there wasn't any pressure or sales at all.

Photo of Anthny “Tony” Jckmn Anthny “Tony” Jckmn
Sep 28, 2021 5

TJJ has brilliant Brazilian Jiujitsu intructors with vast knowledge behind the mechanics of this amazing self defense system, between my teammates an the great staff of folks that work there, I've always felt welcomed and right at home.

Photo of Skylar Kitchen Skylar Kitchen
Nov 1, 2021 5

Great place to train! I’ve been here for about 4 months now and everyone has been more than professional. The instructors are experts who have true passion for the teaching. Plenty of classes to choose from and I look forward to coming to class every day. I’d recommend to everyone regardless of age, experience, or gender.

Photo of Audrey Copeland Audrey Copeland
Nov 5, 2021 5

Awesome Judo and Jiu Jitsu classes!

Photo of tgserva tgserva
Apr 4, 2022 5

I train here, its awesome, chill, and has a huge variety of skills and styles from people cross training. No niche, long term members only groups or weird stuff like that, they're super inviting and inclusive right off the bat. They understand the working man/womens plight and treat everyone the same regardless of how often you can make it. Just overall super friendly, with INCREDIBLE teachers.

Photo of Diego Castillo Diego Castillo
Apr 6, 2022 5

Triangle Jiu Jitsu has been one of the friendliest facilities I have ever been to. The instructors have been wonderfully patient with both beginners and veterans alike. The atmosphere here has been amazing with instruction, level of intensity, and most of all the people. You get a wide range of hobby jiujitsu practitioners to people who are in it for the grind. Most gyms and especially schools are defined by their cliental, and I know that I am always safe when I drop in for a class. If you are in the area, please give Triangle Jiu Jitsu Academy a try!

Photo of Andrew Knollenberg Andrew Knollenberg
Apr 4, 2022 5

Great place to train! Perfect for people who are just starting out, or have years of experience. Great culture and they just want to make you better!

Photo of cameron ice cameron ice
Apr 6, 2022 5

I'm not eloquent enough to describe the team and environment at this gym. Easily the best group of people I've ever been affiliated with in any capacity.