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Triangle Corporate Coach


10700 World Trade Blvd
Raleigh, NC 27617
Phone: (919) 648-1048
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Photo of Rebecca Iannucci Rebecca Iannucci
Nov 12, 2023 4

I'll start with the very positive: Triangle Corporate Coach's transportation services are excellent. I used them for my wedding on 10/21/23, and we had a lot of moving parts -- two days of wedding events; the ceremony and reception were in different locations; and we needed pickups/dropoffs to two separate hotel blocks. It was a tangled web of logistics, but everyone at the company was extremely accommodating. In the end, the transportation was seamless. All of the vehicles were on time, the drivers were extremely courteous, and TCC provided me with not only each driver's name and phone number, but emailed status updates that told me when the vehicles had arrived, when they were en route, etc. For a busy wedding weekend, that was incredibly helpful, and took away so much stress. For their services, I can't recommend them enough. Unfortunately, the night of the wedding, I left my cell phone on the shuttle bus upon returning to the hotel, and the process to get it back from TCC was unexpectedly excruciating. We called their 24/7 support line several times and were told we'd be called back shortly with an update, only to not be called back at all; when we called again, the next customer service rep didn't have any new information for us, nor had it even been noted on our file that a phone was missing. We eventually went to the Raleigh office in person when it was open, and again, the missing phone was seemingly new information to the woman helping us. She searched the bus and came up empty, then told us the vehicle had since been cleaned and used on another transportation ride; unless one of the drivers had picked up the phone and was keeping it with them until they returned to the TCC office (which we were told was a possibility), it seemed less and less likely that we'd ever get the phone back — a big disappointment, since it had a ton of wedding photos and videos on it. Fortunately, we eventually spoke to someone with a little more authority, and he determined that the wrong bus had been searched; my phone was ultimately found on the correct one, and I got it back at the office the next day. But my husband and I remain baffled as to how there was seemingly no real protocol in place for a lost item on one of TCC's vehicles. I cannot imagine this was the first time someone had left an item behind on a shuttle, and yet, communication efforts seemed to go nowhere, and we were never given a straight answer as to the company's policy on getting lost items returned. I'm grateful that I'm a local customer who lives in Raleigh and could get the phone back easily. But if this had been an out-of-town guest, or something more urgent (like medication) was left behind, this could have been a real disaster, and it felt like my husband and I were the only people making any effort to solve the problem. I hate that this incident took away from our otherwise-great experience with TCC, but I'd be remiss not to mention it to future customers.

Photo of Tyler Platt Tyler Platt
Nov 2, 2023 5

One of the best car services I have used. I hired them for a very logistics heavy work trip with multiple drivers and vehicles and they did not miss a beat. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for top tier car service. One of the most attentive staffs as well.

Photo of Sherry Sherry
Aug 2, 2023 5

Exceptional experience with this company! Definitely 5 star customer service as transportation to the airport was required..The chauffeur was punctual and professional, the company also provided a 24 hour reminder phone call and reminders in preparation of chauffer arrival.. I would recommend this company to anyone who may have travel needs!