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Treyburn Country Club


1 Old Trail Dr
Durham, NC 27712
Phone: (919) 620-0184
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Treyburn Country Club

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Photo of J M J M
Jun 14, 2019 1

VERY POOR from McConnell in regards to the"new" fitness center. The equipment is very low end, not what you see in a top club. We waited in excitement, but were deeply disappointed. Will be headed to another McConnell property or another group all together. Large step backwards for Treyburn and taking fitness seriously.

Photo of Brian Nichols Brian Nichols
Apr 14, 2019 1

Very Poor Tennis Management I worked as a tennis pro at Treyburn for a couple of years. After the first few months I realized the General Manager for Treyburn Country Club had no interest in Tennis at all. He was 100% focused on Golf and the revenue Golf generates for the club. He did NOT provide the proper finance or resources for the Tennis Center. In addition the Director of Tennis was very lazy and did Not take proper care of the Tennis Center. He did nothing to increase the membership and activity of the Tennis Center. There was very little activity and very low pay with no other options to increase revenue or make more money. I got to know some of the other pros at the surrounding clubs and they were making a lot more money and Tennis was taken very serious by management. Treyburn Country Club is an embarrassment to Tennis! If you are a Tennis Pro work somewhere else!

Photo of Tara Ramsdell Tara Ramsdell
Oct 10, 2018 5

Beautiful grounds! We went here for a recent fall wedding and it was a beautiful property, classic club house... very nice!

Photo of Christian Anastasiadis Christian Anastasiadis
May 23, 2019 5

Best Tom Fazio

Photo of Wendy Grady Wendy Grady
Mar 9, 2019 5

Was a beautiful venue and a joy to decorate!

Photo of Michael Lattro Michael Lattro
Jul 17, 2019 5

Beautiful course, very challenging layout and condition is impeccable.