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Tony Roma's


151 Tatum Dr
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (984) 243-8000
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Located inside Delta Hotels by Marriott Raleigh-Durham at Research Triangle Park

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Photo of Jolee F Jolee F
Jan 10, 2024 5

The apple cranberry cobbler was divine! Also recommend the Durham Rum Punch. Jessie is an awesome server. We live nearby and will return.

Photo of Jonathan Schechter Jonathan Schechter
Dec 18, 2023 4

We visited again a year later and now they are open for lunch. Yippee!! Was so hungry at around 3pm. Couldn’t wait for dinner. Wife and I had the same meals: kickin’ shrimp, no chives, well done onion loaf, full slab baby backs, chicken tenders and for desert we shared apple and cranberry cobbler served with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. Everything was amazing and the cobbler should not be missed, especially the apple and cranberry. It should be on the menu year round. Service was OK, maybe a bit slow on refills and no offer of bread, but we were so full. Successful visit. Now back to FLA.

Photo of Libby Hubbard Libby Hubbard
Nov 25, 2023 5

Our server made sure our meal was perfect and we had a wonderful time. My choice was salmon and shrimp with a buttery lemon sauce with capers.

Photo of Santiago Godoy Santiago Godoy
Nov 11, 2023 5

"I had an amazing experience at this restaurant! From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with a warm welcome and welcoming atmosphere. The staff was extremely friendly and attentive throughout my visit. The food was simply delicious. Every dish I tried was carefully prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients. The flavors were exquisite and I was pleasantly surprised by the creativity and presentation of the dishes. Additionally, the menu offers a wide variety of options, from classic dishes to more innovative options, which satisfied all my culinary tastes. The service was impeccable. The waiters were knowledgeable about the dishes and provided excellent recommendations. Additionally, they were attentive to my needs and made sure my experience was perfect every time. The atmosphere of the restaurant was lovely. The decor was elegant and modern, creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. The background music was soft and pleasant, which made for an even more enjoyable dining experience. In short, this restaurant exceeded all my expectations. The combination of delicious food, exceptional service and lovely atmosphere makes it a place I would definitely recommend to all food lovers. "I can't wait to come back and try more culinary delights at this wonderful place!"

Photo of Darline Easter Darline Easter
Nov 7, 2023 4

It was nice. However, we were expecting a little move wow in our food flavoring. After hearing how great this place was from other people who had experienced Tony Roma's in Texas, I guess I was so excited but, it didn't come to my usual standards when compared to other places I had been for the same price. However, they did surprise us by bringing a birthday ice-cream bowl for the celebration and they sung.

Photo of Jonathan Murphy Jonathan Murphy
Oct 24, 2023 5

This was my third time visiting Tony Roma's, and as per usual, I was very satisfied! The food and lunch prices are amazing, and our server, Jessie, is super fantastic! In fact, she has been my server all three times, and each time she was very attentive, proactive, friendly, and knowledgeable! In all, I give my experience, the staff, and the restaurant itself an A+; keep up the great work and efforts. You all have definitely a regular customer; thank you for treating me like a valued customer! ~Mert M.

Photo of Chef Dave Food Critic Chef Dave Food Critic
Aug 25, 2023 4

This was my first time to a Tony Roma's. Did not even know we had one on the RDU area. The ribs were amazing, reminding me of Oh Brian's from back in the 80s. The cheesecake tasted like Tripps and was delicious. They were very short staffed, but the person who took care of us did a great job. Will definitely be back and recommend.

Photo of James Kempski Your Triangle REALTOR 919-308-7597 James Kempski Your Triangle REALTOR 919-308-7597
Jul 21, 2023 3

They need more staff. I know it is hard right now but a solution might be raise prices a bit and pass that on to servers and bartenders. I went in for a quick (so I thought) lunch and was disappointed. I usually sit at the bar thinking I will get better service, but no bartender on duty, humm, a bar in a hotel with no bartender at 12 noon primetime lunch time??? Any way we had our order taken and the salad was wilted with the fork frozen on the dish. The soup and salad came before the beer. At least that was fast. It looked like a manager came out and started to take control and things were fine after. The food was great, they do have some great ribs fall off the bone. I will be back hopefully with better service.

Photo of Louie Huang Louie Huang
Jul 18, 2023 4

The signature burger isn't great. It didn't have much wow factor. The onion loaf is just onion rings stacked up. It looks cool though.