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The ZEN Succulent


123 Market St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 480-1762
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The ZEN Succulent

Google Reviews

Photo of Katy Grable Katy Grable
May 15, 2019 5

First off, this business is owned by women of color so I automatically love supporting their business. I also just love the positivity that radiates from the store and the employees here. They carry a large assortment of plants, pots, cute decorations, candles, and more. It’s a wonderful place to shop!

Photo of Ashleigh Lambert Ashleigh Lambert
May 15, 2019 5

The Zen Succulent is one of my favorite small businesses in Durham! They're always willing to answer my questions and help with potting any plants I buy. I can't wait to see their new space!

Photo of Laura Haft Laura Haft
May 12, 2019 5

I can’t say enough good things about my experience(s) at the Zen Succulent. My first time in, someone helped me find two unique plants that now have a prized spot in my home. On my second visit, someone helped me restore one of my plants to its former glory. They took their time repotting and fixing my plant. They also helped me find a beautiful monstera plant and did took their time settling it in a lovely pot. I love supporting this small local business and can’t wait to continue growing my plant collection with them.

Photo of Pickens Barringer Pickens Barringer
May 17, 2019 5

Super cute and incredible staff all of my plant questions were answered and then some. Highly recommend for first time plant owners and long term plant lovers.

Photo of Caroline Perkinson Caroline Perkinson
May 15, 2019 5

Wonderful experience here. Colleen was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She advised me on the perfect succulent!

Photo of Danielle Zeigler Danielle Zeigler
Jun 19, 2019 5

Adorable store with great prices. We were exploring the city on a recent trip and I couldn't resist popping in. The only "souvenir" I got on the trip was actually from there... a small cactus ring holder, which is something I had been searching for!

Photo of Morgan McGowen Morgan McGowen
Jul 10, 2019 5

THE MOST FUN I have had in a long time. The selection of succulents (which is the workshop I did) was amazing. Megan was an AMAZING teacher. I learned so much! Also, super patient and helped make my terrarium look so professional. MUST GO! Great girls night, date night, birthday surprise, and more! I am already planning to go back for a Christmas workshop with my grandma and mom as a gift!

Photo of Doug Morhac Doug Morhac
Aug 22, 2019 4

Very friendly and helpful staff. Plants are crazy over priced though. You are better off going to the Raleigh farmers market to get plants.

Photo of N K N K
Oct 10, 2019 5

One of my favorite places to buy plants!

Photo of Melissa Huggins Melissa Huggins
Nov 2, 2019 5

Definitely check this place out. Kind and knowledgeable service. Nice relaxing atmosphere. Will definitely be back for more air plants. Thank you for being kind.

Photo of Kristin W. Kristin W.
Oct 23, 2019 5

Great little shop for plants and other gifts!