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The Scrap Exchange


2050 Chapel Hill Rd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 200-0151
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Photo of Stormy Palacios Stormy Palacios
Dec 27, 2023 5

This is my favorite small business in the entire Research Triangle! I instantly feel an inviting atmosphere when I walk in. All along the walls and throughout the gallery is art that’s original and creative, and I love that everyone is invited to contribute! The prices here and at the neighboring thrift store are unbeatable. I found 3 tops and 2 pairs of pants for under $20 there. 10/10, best spot in Durham.

Photo of Anne K Anne K
Dec 10, 2023 5

Just went today and had so much fun!! It's like they don't understand the word trash, but in the most wonderful way! I WISH more thrift stores used their model. They have a more traditional thrift store building and then the scrap building where they organize stuff that most thrift stores would just send to landfills. I found a lot of great art supplies in amazing condition at impossible to beat prices. Oh, and that's the other thing: this thrift store still has thrift store prices. They aren't marking things up bc of people hunting stuff down for 2nd hand selling like other thrift stores have been. Really great place and I can't wait to go back! I wish their music was quieter though. It hurt my ears and I couldn't stay as long as I wanted

Photo of sherry Long sherry Long
Sep 27, 2023 3

I've been coming here for years but have noticed the prices increasing in both the scrap store and thrift store. These items are donated and it makes no sense for prices to go up. My last trip I had a bad experience with a cashier. Her name is. Brittany, according to my receipt. I bought a lot of loose scrapbook paper and that gets charged by the pound. She weighed everything and put it in a box then piled to rest of my items on top. The papers got all bent up and folded over! Some packs of stickers were so bent up that the stickers released from their cardboard backing! Ridiculous! I ended up having to lay heavy books on top of a lot of things to try to get them flattened back out. A few pieces had to be thrown away unfortunately. I think that next time, if there is a next time, I will insist on packing my own box myself!

Photo of Ruby Butcher Ruby Butcher
Jul 11, 2023 4

One person's scrap is another person's great find! If you are looking for items to re-purpose. This is a great place. We found logs for the fireplace that are usually used for gas fireplaces. We re-purposed them in the warmer months with LED lights so we have that fireplace glow all year long. Cost$6.00 for what you could pay $130.00 if purchasing new.