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The Parlour Junior


1821 Green St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 399-3860
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Photo of Amanda R Amanda R
Dec 18, 2023 5

Great little window shop mini version of Parlour at this new market near 9th street. No soft serve but a few ice cream varieties for cone/cup and you can get pints there too

Photo of KayCee “Petite” Gold KayCee “Petite” Gold
Dec 2, 2023 5

One of the absolute best ice cream parlors I’ve ever been to. The staff is friendly. The atmosphere is a whole vibe and the ice cream is amazing.

Photo of John Doe John Doe
Nov 4, 2023 5

Superb ice cream. Decent price. Very quick service.

Photo of Jaylen Rivas Jaylen Rivas
Oct 17, 2023 5

The ice cream here is fantastic and the overall vibe is immaculate! 10/10 would recommend! They also have the best and most unique shake specials that are only exclusive to this location. If you haven't been here then you're missing out.

Photo of Lou Wick Lou Wick
Oct 13, 2023 5

A great place for ice cream, with classic and seasonal flavors. They also make milkshakes, and today there was a shake special. There's also options for whipped cream, hot fudge, and sprinkles! One time I got a cup of whipped cream for my dog. And since you're in Durham, you might want to know that there's: Vegan options Compostable straws (and a bin inside for them) Bike racks Outdoor seating Gender-neutral bathroom inside Wheelchair-accessible entrance inside