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The Fresh Market


4215 University Dr
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 401-9467
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Photo of Christine Swanson Christine Swanson
Dec 3, 2023 3

I love Fresh Market but yesterday found myself very disappointed with my local store in Durham. The green beans are only available in plastic bags and one could see the beans were already going bad - slime/film on the beans. There was no broccoli- probably sold out because of the beans. Please do better and find a way to provide 'fresh' vegetables. I realize the bags are for convenience but truly gross and a waste of $s. There was only one cashier and a very long line. Suddenly the butcher and another employee came up front to open registers. Why no regular cashiers?

Photo of Jen HM Jen HM
Nov 28, 2023 5

My first visit to this location was a couple days before Thanksgiving. It was busy, but the additional customers were managed very well. I never felt rushed or crowded and most products were still in stock. The associates and management created a welcoming and helpful experience. I'd visit again in the future for specialty and high quality fresh items.

Photo of Investment Guru Investment Guru
Nov 22, 2023 5

I have been to every Fresh Market in the Raleigh-Durham area EXCEPT this one, until yesterday. The layout and customer service is par none! I will be traveling to this location more frequently.

Photo of Dorothy Tom Dorothy Tom
Oct 14, 2023 3

Everything I have purchased over the years from Fresh Market is uninspiring. Deli foods are bland. Butcher meats are suspect, on the brink of going bad, definitely not fresh or properly refrigerated. Produce is overpriced. Bakery goods only middling. I can get better croissants and cakes from other supermarkets

Photo of Marge Nordstrom Marge Nordstrom
Jul 2, 2023 5

I love this store! Everything is always fresh and high quality. In the meat and seafood departments, you can buy just what you need rather than packages in typical supermarkets. The staff here is exceptional!

Photo of Lantana Lantana
Jun 30, 2023 3

I liked this store but everytime I've been there was a lot of items way past the best by date.

Photo of Steve Gaines Steve Gaines
Jun 16, 2023 5

I like coming into this Fresh Market good location good selection with most things always in stock. They have a real nice manager there I think her name is Candice. She is there most of the time always helpful. When I can't find things which can be a good amount she will show me or tell me very clearly where it is so I can find it on the shelves. Always says hello to my son real kind to him. He can be a handful. Overall I think this is a very good store. Some of the others in the area seem to be going downhill with service so I try to make it to this store when I can Thanks