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The Carolina Theatre


309 W Morgan St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 560-3030
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Be sure to catch a show at Carolina Theatre, an institution that’s been standing in the heart of downtown Durham since 1926. Elevated to iconic status through weathering more than nine decades of social, political and economic change, the Carolina Theatre is a source of civic pride, an important marker of historic change and a crucial resource for education in the arts. In the past, live shows have featured Ronald Reagan and Katharine Hepburn. Tour the theatre or get a ticket to see a film, a live event or an educational program.

Google Reviews

Photo of Anita Mick Anita Mick
Dec 10, 2023 4

Went to see The Nutcracker. This was my first time at the Carolina Theatre. It is charming. It's not the ritziest, but it is quaint. There are no cup holders on the theater seats but the seats are comfortable and the theater was very clean. There is a concessions stand. And the restrooms were plenty and clean. One Con: the grade of the floor of the seating area is not steep, so it can be difficult to see over the people in front of you as they are nearly on the exact same level as you. But all in all, I enjoyed my experience. I was neat the rear & towards the side but felt I could see the stage well. I will be returning. *the cast did great as well!

Photo of Heather Church Heather Church
Nov 20, 2023 5

This weekend was the Steve Trevino show and it was fabulous! This theater is a classic old time feeling theater. We had lots of legroom and had a great time.

Photo of Mrs. Myrick Mrs. Myrick
Nov 12, 2023 5

What a treat! If you are interested in taking your kids to experience art and culture at a reasonable price, visit the Carolina Theater for the Saturday Family Series. Al Strong and his brass band gave a top notch performance and gave the children and parents an interactive lesson in music history. Parking is convenient and free in the deck across the street. Concessions are available to purchase and enjoy with the show.

Photo of D R D R
Nov 1, 2023 5

A Durham institution. Like visiting a Broadway theatre, beautifully appointed, almost 100 years old and very well kept. I love going to shows here. There is the traditional stage theatre and a cinema. There are no bad seats.

Photo of Darren Vallance Darren Vallance
Oct 24, 2023 5

The Carolina Theater is always one of my favorite destinations. Whether going for a show, movie or event, the staff is always friendly and helpful, and the building itself is beautiful. Stepping inside takes you back in time.

Photo of KT Lafferty KT Lafferty
Oct 15, 2023 5

This is a gorgeous theater! From the time we arrived at the venue until the time we left, everything went smoothly. The doors opened on time and the performance began on time. Lighting and seating were both great. The staff was friendly and personable and everyone truly seemed as if they enjoyed working there. The performer offered to stick around and meet with the guests after show to take pictures, sign his book, etc. and the employees never seemed to mind having to wait around longer so that everyone could get their chance to meet with the artist. I would definitely return to this venue for another event in the future.

Photo of Rob Mihelic Rob Mihelic
Oct 12, 2023 5

Great historic venue and theater. Not a bad seat in the house! Great sound for any type of show, even rock concerts. It's a historic beautiful building. The seats are kind of small with little leg room. Clean bathrooms. plenty of concessions

Photo of Kelly Umstead Kelly Umstead
Oct 10, 2023 5

Beautiful theater, not a bad seat in the house. Staff was helpful and everyone I encountered was friendly. Parking was easy as there is a garage right across the street. Parking is $7 and they accept cash / cards. This is my view from Legacy Box R1, right above the stage.

Photo of MLT MLT
Oct 5, 2023 5

The volunteers and/or paid attendees are hit or miss in regards to professional behaviors. Some engaging or smiling, and others seem miserable towards us. There is no need to subtract stars. Instead, support the venue for the art and enjoy the quality all around! It's a cozy, timeless, comfortable venue.

Photo of I M I M
Sep 25, 2023 5

I had a wonderful time. I loved that they had concessions on every level. The esthetics of this theater are divine, staff is the most personable and polite of all theaters I've ever been too in NC. Gevalia, I use to floor seating but the balcony didn't disappoint not one bit. Just one thing I'd pass on is that dry white kernel popcorn almost made me choke twice. All in all great time. I lived to tell. Lol

Photo of Mr. Grim Mr. Grim
Sep 15, 2023 5

Great venue for a concert! Unfortunately we were on the second tier balcony, which was up there, but you could hear and see everything, just not make out faces that good, for these old eyes. The seats have seen better days, should be replaced. Overall a great experience, and we would go back to Durham for more concerts here!