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The Carolina Theatre


309 W Morgan St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 560-3030
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Photo of Bill Tomko Bill Tomko
Sep 22, 2022 4

Excellent show by the Robert Cray Band Tuesday. Had great seats and ran into some friends as well. Acoustics are great and the venue is small enough to see very well without a Jumbotron. I cannot brag on the drink prices. $31.00 for a large wine and beer is worse than NFL or Hockey arena prices. That prevented the 5th star of my rating.

Photo of Denise Williams Denise Williams
Aug 21, 2022 5

My husband and I had the pleasure of going here to see our daughter Kornbread Jeté in her last show and this was a beautiful place and the performances by everyone was Amazing! We met wonderful people here as well!! Definitely a Night to celebrate always!!

Photo of Hillel Dorel Hillel Dorel
Aug 11, 2022 5

Wife and I had the pleasure of seeing Chris Isaac and his band last night. What an outstanding show. What a great little venue. Looking forward to our next visit.

Photo of Greg Wood Greg Wood
Aug 7, 2022 5

Seen a few shows here and it is a great theatre. Beautiful place, very friendly and helpful staff, easy to get in and out. Parking is super convenient across the street and not expensive.

Photo of Trenton Bronson (bronsonboy511) Trenton Bronson (bronsonboy511)
Jun 27, 2022 5

Fascinating theatre that I visited while in town and went for a showing of "North by Northwest". I believe there are also live performances at this venue, but there is definitely a large variety of movies to be shown in the coming months. If I weren't only breifly in town I'd consider acquiring one of the season's passes and returning to watch a film every week or two. Tickets are around ~10 dollars and the concessions were reasonably priced in my opinion. Furthermore there is signage across the lobby and upstairs that can be toured for free and details the history of the theatre and its place within Durham's city center and how the adjoined arts council was once city hall, then a high school, and finally the modern art council. Overall a beautiful building and venue with interesting history and a good showing selection.

Photo of Jacqueline Wilson-Merrill Jacqueline Wilson-Merrill
Jun 23, 2022 5

Cozy and unique. Lots of concession areas, with pleasant offerings. The Retro movies are super entertaining and the live theater has great sound. Always a good time!

Photo of Shaun Ridgway Shaun Ridgway
Jun 19, 2022 5

A true gem of a cinema locally. Seats are far more comfortable than any chain, popcorn, candy, and drink prices are reasonable (and there’s beer and wine!), the film selection is exactly what I’d want to watch in theaters, and parking is easy in the deck across the street. I can’t imagine wanting to see a movie anywhere else. 10/10, would recommend.

Photo of Iwatch Security Iwatch Security
Jun 5, 2022 5

Saw Ray Lamontagne last night and Ray was AMAZING. opening artist did great and the theater was very cool. Old time feel, great friendly staff and look forward to future events here. Would love to see liquor served here but will be back in any case!

Photo of Connor Mooneyhan Connor Mooneyhan
May 18, 2022 5

What a wonderful first experience at this historic theatre! I just moved to Durham with my girlfriend last week and I had been looking forward to seeing Inland Empire on the big screen here at The Carolina Theatre. We had bought the tickets at a very reasonable price a few weeks prior, and I had high hopes, given that Inland Empire is directed by David Lynch, my favorite director, and this would be the first of his films I'd seen in a theater. Even with those expectations, The Carolina Theatre passed with flying colors. When we walked in, an attendant (well-dressed and professional, might I add) greeted us, scanned our tickets, asked what movie we were there to see and if we'd been there before, and explained carefully where the theater was and directed us to the right one. The entire building felt unique and perhaps even regal, with its sophisticated floor patterns, walls, and architecture. I certainly didn't expect many people to show up for this rerelease of a relatively obscure movie, even though Lynch is an esteemed director, but I was pleasantly shocked to find that when we entered the cinema ten minutes early, the seats were already more than half filled! We were able to find spots together, and by the time the movie began, I think every one of those (quite comfortable) seats had an eager movie-goer in it, ready to enjoy the film. The screen was a bit smaller than I was expecting, but I don't think it mattered once the film was rolling, especially with the superb sound quality that splendidly handled the film's remastered score and captured the aural essence of the film in a way I hadn't experienced before when watching it on my TV. Overall, this was an excellent experience, and I cannot recommend The Carolina Theatre highly enough. Now I'm just left eagerly awaiting our next outing here.

Photo of Peter Spung Peter Spung
May 16, 2022 5

Love this venue! Having seen a comedian and light opera from the main floor, and most recently a Chicago/EW&F tribute band from the balconey, I can't wait to go back. Love the location and Durham too. We strolled and hit bars and restaurants before and after, from the American Tobacco campus up to Durham Central Park.

Photo of Tim Gillow Tim Gillow
May 15, 2022 4

Overall a nice venue, easy to get to and near enough to both fancy restaurants and soul food establishments to warrant a full evening out on the town! Ticket-taking was fast and efficient, and ushers were nearby to direct patrons to seating. The first-floor lines for refreshments, and for restrooms at intermission were lengthy. Some patrons overheard others talking about additional services on the second floor (refreshments and twice as many rsstrooms) and sought those out for faster service. (Good call!!) Sound was excellent from my row C seat, but I heard from others "there's not a bad seat in the house!", and I believe it! Leonid & Friends were spectacular, and despite some shakeup in their talent availability, they delivered perfectly. Kudos to the trumpet artist and new lead singer - you both killed it!! If management had alerted us to the availability of second floor amenities, I'd be giving them a 5-star rating. My 4 rating is more like 4.7... Enjoy!

Photo of Buddy King Buddy King
May 13, 2022 4

Historic building that's been modernized. Parking garage across the street is handy. Very nice venue, includes snack bar shops. In a good part of The Bull City, walking distance to restaurants.

Photo of Thornton Burnette Thornton Burnette
May 12, 2022 4

Nice, clean, venue with accommodating staff. Theatre had been lovingly restored and modernized. Seats are ok and comfortable enough. The sound can be hit or miss based on where you sit. In the center section, closer than 12 rows in, and it's diffuse, probably because there is no speaker array over the center, just right and left. A stack over the center section would greatly improve the sound. Prices for food and drink are reasonable and served with enthusiasm. Staff is still masked, although patrons have a choice, which is nice. If an artist you like has a show here, it's worth the price of admission. Solid venue.

Photo of Michael Travis Michael Travis
Apr 26, 2022 5

Wonderful historic venue that pulls in a wide variety of shows. I come here for the retro movie showings and have had a great experience. My particular favorites are the Retro Film Series which are a blast and worth driving 2.5 hours! Definitely check the calendar for upcoming shows.

Photo of jarrett labrecque jarrett labrecque
Apr 7, 2022 4

This is a fantastic venue!! The do stage production’s as well as retro and classic films. The employees are always friendly and helpful! My only complaint is the seats are a little small for me.( I am however, a rather large person)

Photo of Karen Gillison Karen Gillison
Mar 12, 2022 5

Nice theater with lots of character. Its laid out so that every seat would be a good seat. It has a convenient parking garage, and many nearby dining options

Photo of Brian Hammill Brian Hammill
Mar 1, 2022 5

90 year old classic theater with authentic decor. After the initial sound checks the place really sounded great. Not a terrible seat in the place. Even the back row of the second balcony had a good view and acoustics. Do beware of the ceiling of the upper balcony and the protrusion of the old projection booth as it obstructs your view slightly if you are far back in the upper balcony seats. I'd be very interested in seeing other shows in this venue.

Photo of Chris K (Crispy) Chris K (Crispy)
Feb 21, 2022 5

Great experience the other night. The theater and facilities are clean. Tasty concessions too. Volunteers are helpful and nice. Sound quality was good. Not a bad seat in the house. The comedian, Fortune Feimster, was hilarious!

Photo of Ava Redding Ava Redding
Feb 18, 2022 5

A really great place to see a concert. We went to see Kenny Wayne shepherd it was a really good show. Please remember do not take pictures..... The picture police are kind of creepy. I got a few pictures but I have PTSD and the way the picture police approached me kind of got to me.

Photo of Hannah Ringler Hannah Ringler
Feb 11, 2022 5

I saw Parallel Mothers here. Prices for movies are more than reasonable! The venue is clean and spacious and has rigorous COVID precautions, with multiple checks of vaccination cards, mask requirements, and plenty of space to spread out. The chairs are comfortable, and picture and sound quality are good. The bathrooms are immaculate.