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Thai Spoon


3808 Guess Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 908-7539
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Photo of A P A P
May 25, 2019 5

I had the Panang Chicken and it was dreamy. The service is good and friendly and the food is delicious. I highly recommend it

Photo of Jose Ramos Jose Ramos
Apr 16, 2019 3

The family and I dined here about a year ago (2018) and the service was great, food was awesome. This time around, not so much. I placed a to go order. Not the friendliest of service, somehow it felt like it was by invitation only and I didn't have one. A lady, who mentioned was her day off, tried to push a drinks on me while I waited for my order. I mentioned I was driving, but she insisted one would be ok. I'll give it another chance.

Photo of Susan Rankin Susan Rankin
Jan 4, 2019 4

Really good delicious food and generous portions. Casual atmosphere in a restaurant tucked inside a strip mall. You'd never guess it would be this good!

Jun 14, 2019 4

Ordered the stir fry with chicken. Was delicious.

Photo of Britt Martin Britt Martin
May 31, 2019 5

They are always putting out great food! My go to Thai place in

Photo of Bob Clark Bob Clark
Jun 23, 2019 5

All the food I have ordered has been excellent. Wait staff has been quite responsive and friendly. Coconut cake is outstanding.

Photo of Mark Stanley Mark Stanley
Jul 21, 2019 5

Shrimp Pad Thai was some of the best I've ever tasted. Pad Prik Pork Thai hot was excellent too. The dumplings on the appetizer menu were very unique....never seen these kind of dumplings in a Thai restaurant before. Highly recommended.

Photo of George Diedricks George Diedricks
Jul 28, 2019 5

This is one of the best thai restaurants I've been to in a long time, i had the basil fried rice and it was very good. The service was good and the restaurant was clean. I would recommend this place to anyone who enjoys thai food.

Photo of Sheila Barbour Sheila Barbour
Jul 14, 2019 5

Super fresh food and wonderful coconut cake! We'll definitely be back for more!!!

Photo of Samuel Grossinger Samuel Grossinger
Nov 15, 2019 4

Good Thai food, slow but friendly service.

Photo of Towerdog Towerdog
Nov 26, 2019 5

Simply amazing, the food was great and the service was just a good! It's a must try

Photo of J Mart J Mart
Dec 8, 2019 5

Pad Thai was great, Tom kha was pretty good needed more lemongrass and ginger.

Photo of Cheryl Oliver Cheryl Oliver
Jan 23, 2020 5

This place has authentic Thai food! The owner is terrific! If you love Thai food, you need to try it. There is not much ambience, but...go for the food!!!

Photo of Mike Boulet Mike Boulet
Jan 21, 2020 5

We stopped randomly and we're happily surprised how delicious the food was! Excellent pad thai!

Photo of Roni Roni
Mar 26, 2018 5

This is one of the triangles best kept secret Thai food restaurants, I love going here on a cold rainy day and having coconut curry soup and hot Thai noodles. The service here is really good and the food always taste great and exceptionally well seasoned. The staff are amazing and really nice and the prices are a great value too. I really recommend anyone looking for authentic Thai food to come here and dine and trust you will be back again and again.

Photo of Dan Dan
Jun 13, 2020 5

Ordered here for the first time and everything was delicious. Tried Nam Tok, Tom Kha, Bomb Chicken, and Chicken Pad Thai. The Nam Tok was both our favorite!! Never had it before but it was delicious. Can’t say the Pad Thai was the best thing I ever had, but it was very good Everything was excellent! Will definitely come back if we are in Durham again.

Photo of Rachel Ernstoff Rachel Ernstoff
Aug 7, 2020 5

TL;DR Get the Por Pia, Fresh Shrimp Basil Roll, Pad Thai, Thai Fried Rice, any of the curries, or peanut sauce beloved. Avoid Tom Yum soup and the Pad spicy chili. Apparently there's a character limit on Google reviews, so you're missing out on the long preface about Lowes messing up our appliance delivery, but that's why we ate at Thai Spoon every day for a few weeks. We wrote down a rating (1-5) for each meal, which I'll share below. But first, a few words about the owner. After the first few days, he started throwing in free soup with my order. When I said we also like spring rolls (cough cough) he was, "WAIT RIGHT THERE" and got me some. I'm sure he appreciated the business in the middle of the pandemic, but that was just going above and beyond. Most of the entrees can be made vegetarian (and probably vegan) Appetizers Por Pia (spring rolls) - 5 stars. These are really good. The stuffing is fresh, and the outside is crispy. It comes with three medium-small rolls. Crispy Tofu - 4 stars. It's just fried tofu with a good dipping sauce, but it's a pretty large dish, so good value. Fresh Shrimp Basil Roll - 5 stars. Pro tip - you can ask to substitute tofu for shrimp. These are absolutely delicious and might be my favorite thing on the menu. Only downside is they are pretty pricey for the amount of food you get. Tempura - 3.5 stars. Vegetarians, sub tofu for shrimp. This is a large dish, but it's just ok. It's kind of greasy and bland, but I think that's just how tempura is? It's the same as any other tempura I've had. Crispy mushroom - 4 stars. This is basically the same dish as the tempura, but with mushrooms. It's much worse value though, so if you're in the mood for something fried, I would go with the tempura. Soup Tom Yum – 1 star. This was NOT GOOD. I can’t say what it was exactly that we didn’t like, but both my partner and I were like “uh uh, no, not eating that.” Tom Kha – 4.5 stars. This was much better. Generous servings of tofu, and the broth is excellent. Clear glass noodle – 4 stars. Ask to make vegetarian. Really good at first, and would have been 5 stars. The owner warned me that I needed to mix thoroughly, because the salt would settle at the bottom. I did mix, a lot, and it was great. But when I had leftovers, it was WAY too salty. So I guess mix often and try to eat it all at once. Noodle and Rice Pad Thai – 5 stars. One of the best dishes. Just perfect in every way. Pad Kee Mow – 4 stars. Still very good, not as flavorful as some of the other dishes. Pad Z Ew – 4.5 stars. It was 5 the first time we got it, but the second time it wasn’t as good. Pad Woon Sen – 4.5 stars. My partner said 4, but I thought it was tasty. All the noodle dishes are kind of similar though, hard to compare. Thai Fried Rice – 5 stars. Just perfect. Spicy Basil Fried Rice – 3 stars. There was something about the spicy ingredient that just wasn’t good, it ruined the other flavors. Curry Entrees Mussamun curry – 4 stars. The sauce was AMAZING and by far the best of the curries, but the veggies were bad. The avocado tasted really weird (I don’t think avocado belongs in soup, but what do I know?), and the cashews had a weird taste and texture too. Panang curry – 4.5 stars. This one was a bit too spicy for me, but my partner loved it. Green curry – 4.5 stars. Same as above. Yellow curry – 4.5 stars. This one was not too spicy, and the potatoes were delicious! But the sauce wasn’t as flavorful. Stir fry entrees Broccoli garlic – 4 stars. Pretty good, nothing earth shattering though. Spicy basil – 4 stars. Same. Pad Khing – 4.5 stars. My partner said it was kind of boring, but I disagree. Sweet and sour – 4 stars. Pretty decent sweet and sour. Pad Spicy Chili – 1.5 stars. NOT GOOD. It just tasted like chili peppers and nothing else. Spicy eggplant – 3 stars. The eggplant just wasn’t doing it for us. Peanut Sauce Beloved – 4.5 stars. This dish has a weird name, but it’s delicious Spicy cashew nut – 4.5 stars. Too spicy for me, my partner liked it. Veggies together – 3.5 stars. I think this one was just boring.