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Thai Cafe


2501 University Dr
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 493-9794
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Photo of Dana Watkins Dana Watkins
Dec 14, 2021 5

Placed a to go order. Everything was hot and accurate. Staff was super friendly upon arrival. Portions are generous.

Photo of Pradeep Raj Krishnappa Babu Pradeep Raj Krishnappa Babu
Oct 24, 2021 4

The food is good, but the price is not the same as what's shown in the menu, I paid 20.5 instead of 11.5

Photo of Dustin Frost Dustin Frost
Mar 8, 2022 3

So much promise but poor execution. The food came quickly (1pm on a Wednesday, with three other tables occupied when I entered--all by people in their 50s at least), and while it wasn't bad, it wasn't good either. The red curry was extremely mild, with no real flavor developed. Very thin, and while it was warm, it was noticeably cooler than the vegetables (very large cut zucchini and peppers with a sad, lonely leaf of basil). And I know it's the times, but 12 dollars for a mediocre daily special with tofu just didn't seem worth it. You can find better.

Photo of J K J K
Feb 4, 2021 5

Delicious food. Courteous, conscientious service. I ordered take out for a small getogether. I realized after placing my first order that I'd forgotten to include some items. I put in the second order. When I went to pick them up Thai Cafe was missing the second order that I'd put in. No problem. Though they were very busy they rushed my missed order soon. The person who handled it all was very professional and courteous. For that reason alone it's worth going back especially since good, efficient, personable customer service is in short supply. But the food also is so worth coming back to time and time again.

Photo of Richard Thomas Richard Thomas
Feb 4, 2022 5

Hard to beat. The location/ storefront might be inconspicuous but the food is incredible.

Photo of Dov Rosenberg Dov Rosenberg
Feb 4, 2022 5

This is my favorite Thai place in Durham. I’ve never had anything off their menu that I didn’t love. My absolute favorite is the Penang curry with pork but I also love their chicken with basil leaves, volcano chicken, coconut soup, and their coconut cake is like a dream. Great staff, too!

Photo of harshad bhulabhai harshad bhulabhai
Feb 5, 2021 5

Will definitely be back. Very tasty food and great service.

Photo of Ieshia Hernandez Ieshia Hernandez
Jan 19, 2021 5

I was taken here for my belated bday and it was a real nicw treat and great food full of flavor and freshness. It will be my favorite new place with my good friend who took me for this special day.

Photo of Link G Link G
Dec 15, 2020 5

I had lunch here with my wife. We both enjoyed the food. It's earned a second visit!

Photo of Natalie R Natalie R
Nov 14, 2020 5

I LOVE this place and eat here at least once a week. They have amazing food and gets it ready for pickup in 15 minutes. I feel safe going in and out during covid for pick up since they're all masked/socially distanced but they also have curbside pick up too. Their pad thai is to die for. Just wish they put fried bananas on their menu

Photo of Fati Mosley Fati Mosley
Oct 25, 2020 5

The man running the restaurant was polite and focused on customer service

Photo of Catherine Sims Catherine Sims
Oct 23, 2020 5

Love their tofu and fried rice. One of my favorite places!

Photo of James Akers James Akers
Oct 24, 2020 5

Thai Cafe is one of my regular favorite restaurants in Durham. Food is wonderful and could not ask for better service. Harper is the best waiter and always makes us feel welcome and at home.

Photo of Vidhyashree Nagaraju Vidhyashree Nagaraju
Apr 24, 2018 5

Great ambience and good service. Food was good but wasn’t hot even though I asked for Thai hot. Otherwise it was great.

Photo of Chris Smith Chris Smith
Aug 31, 2020 5

It's our favorite Thai restaurant in Durham. I recommend the coconut soup and the coconut cake.

Photo of Elyhim Elyhim
May 2, 2020 4

Longtime lunch favorite. I do like the soup and coconut cake.

Photo of Brian Jordan Brian Jordan
Jan 23, 2020 3

I've often heard this is the best place for Thai cuisine in Durham. If so, that means I'll continue to rarely eat Thai in the Bull City. I ordered takeout, and the service was friendly and quick at the bar. The pad prik with pork (recommended protein for this dish) had undercooked red and green peppers and painfully overcooked pork. The overall flavor and mushrooms were excellent but the dried out and unseasoned pork was extremely disappointing. Perhaps I just need to avoid pork here as a protein. The crab angels were delicious, perfectly fried with delicately thin and crispy wontons and a tasty filling. I'll try here again, but with lower expectations.

Photo of Natural Beauty Natural Beauty
Mar 16, 2020 5

Thanks, HARPER, for 5 star ⭐️ service at the end of a busy shift! I truly appreciate the recommendation on my takeaway order. 🙏

Photo of Patrick Kea Patrick Kea
Dec 2, 2018 4

For the most part it went pretty well. The pot stickers are amazing. They are covered in red curry sauce which is not too spicy and I rock with them. They didn't last at all. I got some pangang curry with chicken and it was pretty good it was a lunch portion. I would definitely get it again. I'm interested to try what else is on the menu. Overall I can't complain. It's pretty cool.

Photo of Susan Montani Susan Montani
Jan 25, 2020 5

Always a good meal, pretty consistent. Comfortable to go to anytime which is a plus always for me! (Even if I am "dressed down"). Excellent coconut cake! If you are too full get a piece to go!

Photo of Allan Voichuk Allan Voichuk
Nov 16, 2019 5

Great food with unique Thai dishes. Good service and nice restaurant overall. They have healthy vegetarian options which I like.

Photo of Florian Emmerich Florian Emmerich
Nov 14, 2019 5

Fantastic place with great Asian food. In a foody corner with Nanas and Q-Shack close by. Check out that place. Nice ambience, too. Great staff!!! Usually pretty crowded for dinner, go some before 12.

Photo of Honest E Honest E
Nov 13, 2019 4

Food is decent. The service is generally very good. Bathrooms are clean. Price is moderate. I felt the service was on par for speed.

Photo of Aaron Freeman Aaron Freeman
Nov 8, 2019 5

Great food in an area where other nice restaraunts are. The red curry and pineapple fried rice were amazing when we went and the prices are common for Thai food. We will definitely come back. Only knock is the tables are squeezed together pretty tight and you don't have much personal space.

Photo of Patrick Muller Patrick Muller
Oct 27, 2019 5

One of my favorite Thai places. I love their soups in a volcano pot. I try to visit every time I come to town on business. All entrees have been delicious.

Photo of Wes Bolton Wes Bolton
Oct 27, 2019 5

Thai Cafe is one of my favorite go to spots and the food is always delicious. I love the curries, green and yellow, the crab angles, the coconut soup and the spicy pad Thai, and washing it down with thai iced tea. But nothing is better than the delicious and moist coconut cake. It's the best dessert anywhere.

Photo of Noel Haroon Noel Haroon
Oct 20, 2019 4

Friendly staff and service. Good food thw soup s are delish.

Photo of Professor Dubbs Professor Dubbs
Sep 6, 2019 5

This is our favorite restaurant in Durham. Marquis is our guy, we ask for him every time we visit. The best Thai in the triangle, and the coconut cake is heavenly.

Photo of Alan Hendricker Alan Hendricker
Aug 18, 2019 5

I can’t believe I’ve lived in Durham for 20 years and never tried this place. Shame on me! Great atmosphere and even better food. Crab fried rice, Panang Curry Chicken. If you had just two dishes to take to a deserted island these might be it. That panang sauce? Might be the single best Thai flavor I’ve tasted in 20 years. It comes on the dumplings appetizer too! We sat at the bar. I highly recommend that. Talk with Tom the bartender. Smile and wish you had friends as awesome as him. A wealth of history and conversation, he’ll have you laughing. Mixes great drinks too. Will add more soon because I am going back. Every week that I can. You should too. 5+ stars.

Photo of Kate Murray Kate Murray
Aug 16, 2019 5

Our favorite local Thai place! Wait can be long for takeout as it gets more popular, but it’s worth the wait!

Photo of Deborah Hughes Deborah Hughes
Apr 6, 2019 4

A solid choice for Thai food if you are new to it. The food is prepared well and does not tend to be overly spicy. Staff are very nice.

Photo of Scott Blewer Scott Blewer
May 12, 2019 5

BBQ chicken, fried rice and sweet and sour was amazing. Chicken was smokey flavored and fall of the bone tender. Can't wait to try other options.

Photo of Regina Madalena Regina Madalena
Jun 8, 2019 5

Excellent food with excellent service. Classic selection of Thai favorites. Great for lunch or dinner.

Photo of Krishna Krishna
Apr 21, 2019 5

This place is always busy and the food is very good. Lunch prices are reasonable, but dinner prices are not. Amazing staff! They are able to accommodate most requests. Try the creme brulee!

Photo of Paul Langan Paul Langan
Jun 15, 2019 4

Great place for Lunch as the prices are competitive. Coconut cake is a step above divine (see creamy rich). There are more authentic options for Thai food in Durham but this is the best Thai lunch or family dinner option. The Thai basil stir fry plates are a personal favorite. Try the spicy chicken salad if you enjoy a little kick in the mouth-see delicious chilies. Atmosphere is warm and especially nice during the evening hours.

Photo of John Hampton John Hampton
Apr 22, 2022 4

Food was delicious. Portions were generous, well-seasoned, and above average. Ambiance, atmosphere, and general feel were not what I'd expected. The service was adequate, but not enough to make me want to return or to take out of town guests. For example, the server who brought our entrees just handed them to us, leaving us to move our appetizer plates to make room. A better server would have handled that themselves, thus making the customer experience more positive. Too casual.

Photo of Tricia Lease Tricia Lease
Apr 22, 2022 5

Thai Cafe is our local neighborhood Thai restaurant and it's very very good. I had posted previously a negative review and unfortunately that was due to confusing it with another Thai restaurant in downtown Durham, which was not very good. This place offers the most amazing coconut soup, also the hot and sour soup is out of this world. My favorite things to order here include any of the salads including the larb with a side of sticky rice. Take out is always perfect, and they have never gotten anything wrong with our order - which is saying a lot! I highly recommend Thai Cafe!

Photo of Benjamin Kessler Benjamin Kessler
May 5, 2022 5

Excellent food. The massaman curry is very good. The pad Thai is also GREAT. Highly Recommend !

Photo of M Bankson M Bankson
Jun 10, 2022 3

The curries here are super delicious, definitely try them! However, I’ve tried a few different noodle dishes here and they all were not very good - a bit mushy with a lot of oil. Skip the pad thai and get a curry.

Photo of Im Giroir Im Giroir
Jun 26, 2022 5

YUM, YUM, & YUM . Authentic Thai foods. Fantastic flavors. Not sure you can go wrong with a dish here. & reasonable. 5 at our table ... 6 appetizers ordered, 5 meals, mixed drinks & water; 168 total (without tip) ....Clean & kind atmosphere....like most places no masks required.

Photo of megan walsh megan walsh
Jul 14, 2022 5

Amazing food! Great service and an awesome ambiance. Best pad Thai I’ve ever had.

Photo of Roxanne Snaauw Roxanne Snaauw
Jul 30, 2022 4

We've been going here for many years but have not been since 2014 because we've only recently moved back to the area. I always get the spicy catfish and it was good but different from our pre-2015 visits. It was missing ginger and had peppercorns instead. I like the ginger version a lot more. We enjoyed our meal and service was as good as always.

Photo of Ed H Ed H
Jul 6, 2021 5

Great Thai food with a large selection of dishes to choose. The vegetables were fresh and portions were large. The menu layout was okay as I found it difficult to find the standards that most people think of when having Thai. Not pictured but recommend is their coconut soup, slightly spicy and creamy. Large seating area

Photo of Steve Wells Steve Wells
Sep 23, 2022 5

Wanted to update this review. I have eaten here numerous times. This is proper Thai Cuisine, not a noodle shop. The service is good and unlike some local restaurants, you can count on their timing for takeout. Sometimes they run a few minutes past, but you don't need to guess, they will text you. Overall, if you are looking for good Thai food, this is the place to go for this part of town. Since I am about 10 minutes away, the food is hot and fresh when I get it home due to their use of proper cooking techniques.