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Thai 55


4716 NC-55
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 748-3051
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Photo of surrendertoflow fo'reals surrendertoflow fo'reals
Aug 5, 2021 5

Vegetarian friendly! I pretty much never get to eat Thai food because curry paste usually has shrimp paste added to it. This is the only Thai place I’ve found that has truly vegetarian options! And if you order from their website you can click SO MANY options for their curry dishes (like what you want extra of and what you want to omit). It’s amazing!! Love this place!!! And they have black rice!!! (I don’t eat white grains at all.) Amazing!

Photo of Chris Cooper Chris Cooper
Dec 27, 2021 5

Great food! If I was to make one complaint, I wish there was more rice, but only because I want to soak up all the delicious curry sauce. No drop wasted!!

Photo of Silo Hart Silo Hart
Nov 7, 2021 5

I've only ever gotten the chicken fried rice and Tofu Payang Curry. One of my go to comfort foods. Food is always awesome and the service is awesome as well. I will say the Thai Tea is a gamble; I used to get it all the time, but one time it had the strangest taste.

Photo of Dana Dana
Dec 14, 2021 5

Delicious! I have loved everything I’ve eaten here. The food is delicious, great prices, and service is FAST. Lots of vegetarian options, even soups, which I appreciate. They also offer delivery on their website which is maybe the fastest restaurant delivery I’ve ever gotten. HIGHLY recommend!

Photo of Wulf Lobacz Wulf Lobacz
Nov 24, 2020 5

Best thai food in durham, customer service is great and the delivery is fast and way cheaper than getting door dash.

Photo of Samudra Vijay Samudra Vijay
Nov 17, 2020 5

Never knew Salmon to be a part of Thai cuisine...was very impressed with the quality and taste of Salmon based noodle dish.

Photo of Michael A. Cudney Michael A. Cudney
Nov 19, 2020 5

Nice small ice cream place with many flavours, some special and other regular. Of you are there might as well try the special ones :)

Photo of Ursula Lobacz Ursula Lobacz
Oct 4, 2020 5

The best Thai food in Durham, hands down. Great atmosphere, too.

Photo of Meredith Earl Meredith Earl
Sep 4, 2020 5

We did takeout tonight and both the green curry and the panang curry were delicious! The abundance of fresh veggies with both dishes, as well as the ability to customize the order, was much appreciated. I’ve always enjoyed getting lunch at Thai 55 but this will now be a go to dinner spot as well!

Photo of freelightphoto Can D. freelightphoto Can D.
Sep 4, 2020 3

My family and I love their food. I just wish the person who answers the phones and same person who gives you the food could be a little more patient and not so rude. Also online ordering is a headache needs to be fixed.

Photo of Jerry Chavez Jerry Chavez
Aug 29, 2020 5

Food is wonderful and very tasty. Portions are sizable and worth the price.

Photo of Alexandria Russo Alexandria Russo
Sep 2, 2020 5

For all the thai places in this area that have amazing reviews and then put potatoes in their curry....this place needs to be higher up. Delicious, spicy, plenty of food. I've only tried their Panang curry and veggie egg rolls but I'll definitely be trying more from here.

Photo of Alina Arabitg Alina Arabitg
Aug 15, 2020 5

Very good food. Drunken noodles, egg rolls and Crab Angel's are my favorite

Photo of Eileen Gilbert Eileen Gilbert
Jun 16, 2020 5

All of their food is amazing. I think I've tried everything on the lunch menu and it's all wonderful.

Photo of Paul Rutledge Paul Rutledge
Dec 20, 2019 4

Delicious Thai food. Generous portions and good prices.

Photo of Hardik Parekh Hardik Parekh
Dec 21, 2019 5

Awesome food and service and offers a cozy ambience. Great for vegetarians with plenty of options. Spicy eggplant was very tasty but be careful with the peppers 😅.

Photo of Anish Sana Anish Sana
Dec 20, 2019 5

Low key Thai place with good food. Never had a bad experience here. The service is quick making it a great place for lunch, but it's good for dinner too. It's not expensive either.

Photo of Philip Oja Philip Oja
Nov 16, 2019 5

Great authentic tasting Thai food. We had the drunken noodles and pad Thai. And the appetizer was just as good as the entrees.

Photo of Jess Roahn Jess Roahn
Sep 27, 2019 5

I'm a Chicagoan with family in the Triangle - everytime I'm in town, I get the red curry from Thai55. Usually, I start thinking about it when I book my flight, and start asking if we can place an order as soon as I land. We have only ever done takeout - the food is always ready quickly and is still hot when we get home. The red curry is my personal favorite and a bit sweeter, but the green is also a popular order. If I could order the recipe, I would. Portions are big enough for a good sized dinner and leftovers the next day - though, I'm pretty sure I could eat an unlimited amount if I let myself. I've tried probably about a dozen places in Chicago hoping to find curry that compares, and have been unsuccessful. Triangle residents are lucky!

Photo of Ryan Malham Ryan Malham
Nov 23, 2019 5

I have never been so thankful for traffic!! Pulling off I40 to get a break and lunch had us find this restaurant. WOW!! The food, the service, the education of Thai food was worth the stop!! They have the absolute best Curry Panang!! The kids were treated to Thai tea and have found a new favorite drink. Traffic or no traffic, we will be back!

Photo of Sherry Dodson Sherry Dodson
Nov 5, 2019 5

I am Thai from Bangkok so I know what Thai food should taste like. The owner of this place is Thai and the flavor is pretty authentic. When I crave Thai food, I can count on this place. It is one of the more authentic Thai in RTP.

Photo of Crystal Leonard Crystal Leonard
Sep 21, 2019 5

Loved the food forgot to ask with less spice. But amazing food

Photo of Sam Warda Sam Warda
Sep 20, 2019 5

Best thai food I've had. Owner is very accommodating. I will definitely be back.

Photo of Keshav Joshi Keshav Joshi
Aug 28, 2019 5

I was on a business trip and found this gem. Tgeir food is excellent with lots off flavors. Service is great too. And during summer they use organically grown herbs from their own kitchen garden.

Photo of Ricky Chan Ricky Chan
Jul 9, 2019 5

Very good Thai food here. Always a go-to when I’m in Raleigh. Wish it was a bit spicer but overall, still a lot of flavor and spices. I have been here during a few different visit where I had it for lunch and dinner.

Photo of N P N P
Aug 3, 2019 4

The food here is really good. I wish the vegetables in the curry and drunken noodles would have been done a bit more though. There are quite a few dishes to choose from. We ordered larb, dumplings, panang (red) curry, drunken noodles and Thai tea. The Thai tea was so delicious. The food has good spice and is very flavorful. Overall, very satisfied. As someone else said, it's a simple atmosphere. Well worth the trip to Durham.

Photo of Shane Goody Shane Goody
Jul 29, 2019 4

I've been to Thailand twice and this place is the closest to authentic I could find. Their thai iced tea is as close as it gets to the real thing. 4 stars because one of their meals (the orange chicken) had hardly any chicken in it and had too much batter around it and was way too sweet. Their pineapple fried rice and regular fried rice are on point though.

Photo of Daniel Coward Daniel Coward
Jun 29, 2019 5

Great flavors and a very nice presentation. Don't let the outside fool you this is top shelf cuisine.

Photo of Viswa Bharath Viswa Bharath
Jan 9, 2019 4

Decent Place to visit. Good Food. Visited multiple times. Never disappointed me totally. Vegetables used are fresh. Gives a welcome soup which is good. Lunch menu has few items subjected to 18% service charge not sure why. Overall it's a good one

Photo of Matthew Steinmetz Matthew Steinmetz
Jan 18, 2019 5

The waiter we had must've been the hardest working waiter I've ever seen. Very nice, small place and the food was delicious. Pretty busy but time from sitting down to getting food was about 10 minutes. Very satisfied. Pricing was decent too!

Photo of Sudania Bennett Sudania Bennett
Mar 6, 2019 5

Forest time at this restaurant and I was not disappointed. My husband and I had dinner here and the atmosphere was perfect. I'll definitely stop by again. The food was really good, fresh and treated home made. The crab angels were THE BEST I'VE EVER HAD! DEFINITELY WORK IT 🔥

Photo of Jesse Locklear Jesse Locklear
Jun 2, 2019 5

Excellent spot with delicious fresh sauces, vegetables, and meat. Friendly and helpful staff. Great location :)

Photo of Brian J. Dumas Brian J. Dumas
Aug 7, 2022 5

Absolutely Delicious 😋 😍. Thai food here is on target and there is a multitude of choices for every palate. All variation of hot so if you are afraid of spicy don't be; not hot to very hot is here. So you have a choice. If you want something different and tasty this is where to go! Please note that they will be moving from this location sometime in September not too far away.

Photo of Dasola Olanrewaju Dasola Olanrewaju
Aug 25, 2022 5

I can't even describe how amazing this food was. The flavors were simple but very, very comforting and delicious. I'm going back to get lunch there today.

Photo of MsJheri Worldwide MsJheri Worldwide
Aug 17, 2022 4

Fresh, fast, delicious. Very flavorful. Good on the go spot. Conveniently located right behind Exxon off i40.

Photo of Tommy B Tommy B
Jul 3, 2022 5

Staff was friendly and food was amazing. Hd the basil duck and definitely will be back.