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Taberna Tapas


325 W Main St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 797-1457
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Photo of iPhoneIntact MOBILE iPhone & iPad Repair iPhoneIntact MOBILE iPhone & iPad Repair
Sep 24, 2019 5

Intimate atmosphere, tasty tapas. Attentive, professional staff. Pat is a wizard behind the bar. This place never disappoints. Thanks guys! See you next time

Photo of Andy Raynor Andy Raynor
Oct 19, 2019 4

The staff were friendly and engaging and it has a nice, intimate atmosphere with subtle background music. The wine list, while short, has some really tasty choices. I had the paella tres mares. While overall very good, the clams were some of the chewiest I've encountered. Lots of great dessert options so try to save room.

Photo of Zims Brew Zims Brew
Sep 9, 2019 5

Extremely well prepared Tapas with a great wait staff and nice selection of predominantly Spanish wines. Great for a group that you want to have an interactive dining experience as you converse and enjoy multiple rounds of food and drink. I definitely recommend the group Paella, they do a good job with it. Don't be afraid to explore various wines, the Spanish wines may not be as familiar by name, but can be a beautiful accent to the food.

Photo of Corrine Englert Corrine Englert
Sep 30, 2019 5

Great spot for a girl's night out or a date night. Tasty tappas and a nice drink selection. Wouldn't recommend taking kids. Parking is either on the street or in a garage, but not too bad.

Photo of Lila Lawson Lila Lawson
Sep 28, 2019 5

The food is really good here, I forgot to take pictures. They have vegan options and items they can veganize. The red sangria was delicious.They are small plates so be prepared to get several different things and expect to spend at least $40 per person.

Photo of Meaghan Morgan Meaghan Morgan
Dec 22, 2019 5

Not cheap, but the best night out with good friends. Everything we tried was excellent. Nice to share small plates of good food. Excellent wait staff, best service I've had anywhere.

Photo of Alyson Burns Alyson Burns
Dec 16, 2019 5

Super Friendly staff & management!! The food was delicious & came out quickly & hot! Drinks were made well & strong, I will be back for sure!!

Photo of Tiffany Bond Tiffany Bond
Jan 6, 2020 5

Have loved this place for years. And if you have not been back they have more than doubled their size taking over the space next door. Love their small plates. They have a wide variety of tasty lamb and other dishes that are always perfect. And for your vegetarian friends, a great place to go.

Photo of Corey O'Brien Corey O'Brien
Feb 19, 2020 4

This restaurant has a nice quiet atmosphere and an interesting upscale menu with lots of creative dishes. I look forward to exploring its many options. I thought the portions were quite small but enjoyed the price/portion value of the paella dishes. Great flavors, courteous wait staff, wonderful ambience, I would definitely go again.

Photo of Lillian Hagmann Lillian Hagmann
Jan 15, 2020 3

There are so many places in the area that do a better job with tapas, but it's good quality food.

Photo of Doug Jurusik Doug Jurusik
Mar 9, 2020 5

Great tapas! We tried a bunch of different tapas, all were excellent. Serve was outstanding@

Photo of LAP465 lap465 LAP465 lap465
Jul 31, 2019 5

Best Spanish food (Spain) in the area. Try their Paella Tres Mares and their Chocolate Moose. You won’t regret it. 😛

Photo of Paul Roberts Paul Roberts
Jun 29, 2019 5

Had lunch here. Awesome experience at Taberna! Wait staff was super nice, they keep our water replenished, answered questions happily, and made sure we were well take care of. The food was deliciously delicious. We had the bacon wrapped dates (OMG!!OMG!!), spicy garlic wings, Brussels sprouts (💥), and patatas aioli (👍). Definitely a spot I want to make a regular spot, their menu is large and the prices are wonderful. Great quality, great food, and great prices!

Photo of Bill Zaccardi Bill Zaccardi
Jun 1, 2019 5

What a great surprise. We stopped in during a road trip to South Carolina. The food is top notch and creative, the staff is excellent. I thought we were in NYC eating at a highly recommended restaurant. Yes, it was that pleasant and tastefull.

Photo of Melissa M Melissa M
May 29, 2019 5

Great ambiance for small groups to do shared apps.I've been here twice and sampled at least half of the menu with my group and haven't been disappointed in a single dish.The staff are very friendly as well and seem to have mastered the art of being distant enough not to interfere with great conversation, but also present enough that nobody's wine glass stayed empty unless they wanted it to.

Photo of David Aman David Aman
Jun 8, 2019 5

Tapas are just the best was to enjoy food with family/friends. The dishes here are tremendous and the service was great. I highly recommend it.

Photo of Fran Seaman Fran Seaman
Jun 12, 2019 4

Great food at a reasonable price - mostly Spanish food. Nice wine selection, and some good beers and ciders on tap as well. Walking distance to DPAC. Friendly service.

Photo of Frank Carbone Frank Carbone
Apr 15, 2019 4

Pretty decent food but very pricey for tapas. Worth checking out but go on pay day haha! Definitely try the smaller paprika chicken it was delicious

Photo of Ramya Marathi Ramya Marathi
Jun 27, 2019 4

Very good place for sharing small plates, but doesnt fill you up. I ended up ordering dinner at a restaurant nearby.