Sweet Frog


6917 Fayetteville Rd
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 808-4255
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Sweet Frog

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Photo of Beverly El-Amin Beverly El-Amin
Apr 10, 2019 5

My first visit. Definitely did not disappoint. Will be returning...and with summer right around the corner they have a new customer. I'm not a strict vegan and make Sweet Frog one of a few exceptions when I so desire. I find some of their choices safe choices.

Photo of Yeshanth Jayakumar Yeshanth Jayakumar
Jan 4, 2019 4

Whenever I am in the south point area, I think about stopping here. They had different flavors from the regular frozen yogurt joints. I have been here 5 times now and I am starting to feel these guys have stopped being creative with their flavors. It has been the same in the last year. If I had written this review in my first couple of visits, it would have been 5 stars. But their lack of creativity in their flavors has left a star missing in review.

Photo of Stephanie Brinn Stephanie Brinn
Jan 27, 2019 4

Beautiful store. Bright colors. Always spotless and clean. Not the best service.

Photo of Jamie leacock Jamie leacock
Jun 2, 2019 3

Great flavors and option I wish parent or staff was more attentive. I stopped 1 little girl from eating straight from the machine 🤢

Photo of Lance Odvody Lance Odvody
Jan 26, 2019 5

The winter experience here is distinct from the summer. You should only expect one employee at a given moment, even on the weekends. But, it's all they need. No frills, simple execution of over indulgence, presented to you in monetary form by the ounce. Diverse flavors, hyperbolic toppings, uncomfortable seating and the A/C running in January. It's a treat. Why complicate things?

Photo of Justin Moore Justin Moore
Jun 29, 2019 5

Literally the only froyo place in the area that regularly offers cheesecake bites as a topping. I’m sold. Best flavor options and toppings selection around, and this coming from something of a froyo aficionado. If only they charged by the pound instead of ounce... :)