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4900 NC-55
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 405-7121
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Photo of Tiffany Tan Tiffany Tan
Dec 8, 2023 5

pretty good poke bowl with a burrito spin to it. fish was fresh and flavorful. the bowl did feel slightly unbalanced where there was not enough fish and too much rice. but its understandable.

Photo of Mattie Rainey Mattie Rainey
Nov 16, 2023 5

This restaurant is top tier. The sushi burrito was delicious and super filling. The store associates were very kind.

Photo of Da Bomb Da Bomb
Nov 8, 2023 5

They offer great bulgogi bowls & sushi burritos. Their crab rangoons have a crabcake kinda vibe, which was a surprise and delight. They also offer non sushi items for picky eaters. Fast, filling, & clean bathrooms, you couldn't ask for a better restaurant. I will definitely go again.

Photo of Seasen Acevedo-Zullo Seasen Acevedo-Zullo
Nov 4, 2023 5

My favorite place. I’m celiac and they take my allergy very serious which I appreciate! I always stop here when I’m in the area. Also wish there was one closer to us out in Chapel Hill / Chatham county though!

Photo of Nick GZ Nick GZ
Sep 22, 2023 5

Just found this place and really enjoyed it. The team was very upbeat and friendly, the order came out in no time yet was fresh and beautifully prepared. I got the Bull City Bulgogi as I was in the mood for some dead cow but I’ll be back to try the rest of the menu. Nice find. Solid W

Photo of Dan Chang Dan Chang
Sep 17, 2023 5

Simple sushi burritos and bowls located in a strip mall off of hwy 55 next to Brigs. Usually caters to the rtp lunch crowd, but is slow and quiet on the weekends. Orders do take awhile as they make them to order (including any frying as needed). They also appear to be peanut allergy friendly/safe after some questioning of their prep and ingredients.

Photo of Alissa Alissa
Sep 1, 2023 4

I love sushi so it's nice to have a casual option for it. Personally I recommend getting your fav in a bowl rather than a burrito. The burrito is a fun novelty but isn't as tasty imo. Also, order burritos or bowls with extra sauce because in my humble opinion they don't add enough. My favorite is the Reel Alaskan and the nachos. I've tried other burritos such as the chicken options and didn't like them because I found the chicken tends to be dry. I recommend enjoying your meal for takeout as the ambiance inside the shop is bland and not really my cup of tea.

Photo of Nicole Ingram Nicole Ingram
Jul 25, 2023 5

Prepare to be amazed by the tantalizing flavors that await you at Sushioki! From the spicy tuna nachos to the fresh pork rinds and mouthwatering spicy tuna roll, every bite is a delectable delight that will leave you wanting more. Whether you're running errands or simply satisfying your sushi cravings, Sushioki is THE place to indulge in this divine cuisine.delicacy.

Photo of Sarah Harris Sarah Harris
Jul 18, 2023 5

This place is a go-to treat for me. The food is delicious, and I am always full when I visit (which I can't always say for sushi places). In my opinion, it's best to order ahead and pick up, even if you plan to dine in here. I find that at usual meal times they can get a little behind, and ordering ahead helps predict how long prep will take a little better. Depending on how popular they are at the time you visit, prep time can be variable. But that's just a personal preference. I've never felt like they took too long, even when I'm ordering in.

Photo of Pamela Jones Pamela Jones
Jul 3, 2023 5

Sushioki is my go-to spot when I'm craving sushi and feeling a little greedy. The portions they serve are absolutely generous, and the seafood is incredibly fresh. I always leave satisfied and wanting to come back for more. If you're a sushi lover like me, Sushioki is definitely the place to be!