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Sushi Love


2812 Erwin Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 309-2401
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Photo of Da Bomb Da Bomb
Jan 7, 2024 5

We had a great lunch at Sushi Love. It's been a staple in the durham sushi for many years. Excellent food & prices, especially for how fantastic the food is at this place.

Photo of Lin Thachkorn Lin Thachkorn
Dec 19, 2023 5

First time here at Sushi Love with friends; must say this is one of the best sushi in town! Our server was very attentive and her recommendations were amazing! We had “Cheetos” Flaming Roll, Lobster Lava, and a Sunrise Lava Roll. They were one of the signature and most popular rolls. Will definitely come back soon!

Photo of Heather Lea Levau Heather Lea Levau
Dec 7, 2023 5

Food and service is amazing. great outdoor area. Our favorite place to go

Photo of Roberto B Garcia Roberto B Garcia
Nov 1, 2023 4

I ordered shrimp hibachi platter. Shrimp🦐, zucchini and broccoli 🥦 we’re overcooked. But Sushi was delicious 🤤 I really enjoyed. It was my first time but I hope come back when I’m in the town.

Photo of em pru em pru
Sep 5, 2023 4

I’ll be trying to taste almost everything on their menu this semester. So far, the coconut chicken soup is good but I have had better. It also had very little chicken and mushrooms. The Pad See Eew is sooo delicious though. Great proportion of noodle, vegetables, and chicken. Dumplings are probably my favorite. I get the pork pan fried ones but the green veggie ones are good too.

Photo of FayzieKay Wolf FayzieKay Wolf
Jul 23, 2023 5

The sushi was delicious! The menu was expensive and offered lots of variety beyond sushi/sashimi. Their specially roll selection is amazing, lots of classic combinations you're probably used to seeing at most places offering sushi, but there were lots of really unique options too. I had the honey love roll, which was BANGIN'! I had never had kiwi on sushi before and wasn't sure how I'd feel about it, but I'm so glad I gave it a try. This place became an immediate favorite for me and my husband. We will definitely be back and I highly recommend that you check it out.

Photo of Aryaman Babber Aryaman Babber
Jul 5, 2023 5

For Durham (especially around Duke) I think it's pretty good food and a great deal (BOGO on sushi rolls). My ranking of rolls so far: Great: * Mango tango roll * Fusion roll (crunchy, warm) * Insane eel (just overall solid) * Lobster (hot, little spicy) * Sweet dragon * Acapulco (good, nice kick) * Sunrise lava (pretty spicy mayo sauce, maybe too much sauce but good overall) (spiciest) * Red dragon (nice tuna, really tasty overall) * Lobster lava (spicier version of lobster) Good: * Sunrise (very average) * Rainbow roll (good, but a little bland. Maybe ask to add spicy mayo or eel sauce) * Blue Devil roll (really good texture, little bland) * TNT roll * Dynamite * Samu * Philly roll * Caterpillar (soft) * Crunchy roll (dry, decent with soy sauce) * Fire roll (spice kicks in late (spiciest roll so far, decently spicy, too much mustard/sauces) * Sunset roll (nice tangy flavor, fake crab meat has a weird texture) * Maguro tartar * Spicy chic Bad: * Mango lobster (cream cheese overpowers the taste) * Black widow * Sneaky black spider * Oyster roll (not bad, not great) * Hawaii * Honey love (little too sweet) * Durham cares (mushy, very average) * Red Moon (way too much on the top, not a great taste) * Poseidon (too much of a fishy taste, bad aftertaste) * Momo (weird taste) * Champion (kind of bland, don’t like the wasabi taste)

Photo of Judy Bierman-Rudolph Judy Bierman-Rudolph
May 26, 2023 5

I was overwhelmed by the choices! What we had was delicious.... wish I could order right now, but live 3 states away.