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Structure House


3017 Pickett Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 937-2168
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Photo of Carla Carla
Feb 9, 2023 4

This program is phenomenal. The Digging Deeper series really helped me heal the wounds I have been subconsciously carrying. From the life coaches, to the dieticians, and to Katie K with her fitness expertise- I really gained so much out of their program. Unfortunately, I got diagnosed with Lyme disease and grew terribly ill in my third week staying. I did not get to enjoy or participate in the remaining of the program in the ways I envisioned. I did a lot of hiking when I was there and didn't realize I got bit. (Despite being covered and sprayed with Deet). If you go hiking, please safeguard yourself and check for ticks. Today I am suffering with Bartonella and Lyme, but all in all I still gained so many advantages from being here, despite the negative that hindered my stay. I hope to some day do 2 more weeks again and visit to make up for lost time. I loved it here so much.

Photo of Mary Maroun Mary Maroun
Jan 5, 2023 5

It's the real deal if you are truly committed to leading a healthier, more balanced life. They give you the tools to start making the changes needed to find balance, better health and peace of mind. The program covers nutrition, physical movement and behavioral coaching. The facilities are well kept and accessible. And you will meet friendly, engaging participants who will help you on the journey. I highly recommend Structure House.

Photo of Esther Ludin Esther Ludin
Oct 3, 2022 5

This was my second visit and I stayed three weeks this time. Was wonderful, the staff were as lovely as ever, the room was very nice and all the classes very enjoyable. I will return in future

Photo of Cindy Woods Cindy Woods
Aug 1, 2022 4

Likes Nicely renovated spacious apartments with comfortable adjustable beds, nice shower with handheld shower head and good water pressure, blackout window shades Good tasting and filling meals that you can customize or makes substitutes, eat in dining room or have delivered to your apartment Tote bag helpful Full schedule of classes Digging deeper sessions Drum Alive class Cooking demo Pickleball Qi Gong Meditation Ben is a very knowledgeable dietician Cooking demo was fun Dining room clean and good service from Greg, Shamia Dislikes Qi Gong 7am instructor was 15 mins late Guided therapeutic writing workshop instructor didn't show up Room cleaned when asked not to and my valuables were out Lab test 7am rescheduled No electronic handouts, highlighter and tabs would help but app would be best to take notes and find reference materials App with class schedule and notification reminders would be helpful Most participants were 60-80 years old and seemed here for social retreat Main building needs renovation, exterior of apartments need painting, landscaping needs work with dead grass Scale doesn't work to track with badge No pilates class just sales pitch for 1:1 paid sessions Getting started with fitness scheduled for Friday when only here for a week. Need education of equipment and modifications for injuries up front to use gym on own Orientation need to go over class descriptions and discuss checking mailbox daily for important updates Cookbook should be included in program cost, recipes on app would be helpful, recipes need prep and cooking time from start to finish Nutrislice order confirmed but didn't have order on 7/6 because my name was entered wrong as Cynthia instead of using Cindy I have on my forms, Sundra argued with me about my name instead of apologizing and fixing it Cooking demo chef touched phone, touched meat then cupboards and pans so not good food handling Have instructors do handouts the same way either with hole punches or no hole punches and stapled or not stapled

Photo of Stuart Mattana Stuart Mattana
Jul 15, 2022 4

Generally positive impression. The living accommodations were nice and exceeded my expectations. The fitness center was impressive. Of the classes, I found the nutrition ones to be the nest. the dinings room was nice, but I would like to see a few more items on the menu, especially in the area of entree substitutes, such a a beef dish. Online menu really ought to tabulate total portions within the food group’s for each meal and day submitted. Fitness center did not always have a staff member in the gym, and this was a negative. Similarly, the was no lifeguard at the pool when I swam. Even the addition of one hour a day in which a lifeguard is present would help. Heart rate readings on the treadmill were not always reliable. All these matters pertain to safety and a sense of security. Another security issue for me was rhe number of times the gate through which cars enter the facility was left open. Structure House is an outstanding facility offering an integrated approach to better health ,but there are a few issues that require resolution. Stuart Mattana, Structure House Participant, 6/26 - 7/10/2022

Photo of Diana Upson Diana Upson
Jun 17, 2022 5

The staff at structure house is exceptional! They are professional and they truly take pride in the work that they do. The facility is extremely nice both the classrooms and especially the apartments! The setting is beautiful! The holistic approach that they take, approaching not just weight loss but lifestyle changes, helps to ensure the success long after you leave. Thank you structure house.

Photo of Regina Kilmer Regina Kilmer
May 17, 2022 5

World-class, holistic approach to what we’re eating, and what’s eating us. Credentialed, professional staff address diet, exercise, motivation, conditioning, precursors, predictors, habits, reactions, and responses, while using an adult learning model. Very empowering treatment! Everything revolves around the individual’s choices—past, present, and future. State-of-the-art fitness center with indoor & outdoor pools. Delicious, calorie appropriate meals, with input from clients. Massage therapists on staff, registered dietitians, chefs, psychologists, nurses, exercise physiologists, all deliver excellent services & classes. More, and varying types of classes each day than one can attend. Top-of-the-line apartment accommodations. Well worth the price point, for a life-changing & life-saving program.

Photo of LennInMaine LennInMaine
May 16, 2022 5

As a 22 year supporter and client of the now discontinued Duke DFC program, I was delighted to see how effective the Structure House program is. The program is well-designed for both the first timer who needs to change their lifestyle and the “graduate” who want reinforcement and occasional course correction.

Photo of Tayyabba Athar Tayyabba Athar
Mar 29, 2022 5

Very caring and dedicated staff. Housing is comfortable. Would recommend.