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Structure House


3017 Pickett Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 937-2168
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Photo of Allison Schneider Allison Schneider
Aug 1, 2023 5

Structure House is an amazing place! I just spent 4 weeks there going through the Jump Start Program. Everyone there is very knowledgeable and is able to help you create a healthier lifestyle. The day is broken into 7 blocks, although some classes are offered before breakfast and after dinner. During the main 7 blocks you are either in a lecture/discussion class or in an exercise class or working out in the gym. Generally I would spend 2-4 blocks doing different types of exercise classes or working out in the gym and 3-5 blocks in classes or doing other things for my health. While there you live in very nice apartments on the campus, and eat all your meals in the dining hall. You order your meals, so you get food you like and after you get use to the sugar free salt free menu, you start to enjoy the food. There is always plenty and you never go hungry. Most days I couldn’t finish everything. There are a wide range of people who go to Structure House. There were quite a few men and women in their early twenties all the way to people in their eighties and everything in between. There were more women than men by a 2:1 ratio. There was also a large LGBTQA+ presence there. Everyone was welcome and treated kindly. Some people were over six or seven hundred pounds while others, mostly graduates who come back regularly were closer to a healthy weight. The furniture and design is thoughtfully done so even the very heaviest person would be comfortable anywhere they sat. People came for different reasons and stayed anywhere from one week to one year. My main goal of being there was to improve my mobility. I had been on a mobility scooter for several weeks and had just transitioned to a Rollator the week before I went. Within a week, Katie K. The fitness director and the most amazing, knowledgeable trainer I have ever had the pleasure to work with, had me transition to a cane, by the next week I was using walking poles and by the time I left I was walking independently! It felt like a miracle to me. It has been a really long time since I could walk outside with out the use of mobility aids. I am implementing what I learned there at home, and home to return for a “tune up” within the next year. I would give Structure House 10/10 rating.

Photo of Barry J. Palkovitz Barry J. Palkovitz
May 2, 2023 5

I am a 31 year success in losing and maintaining a healthy weight. I return annually to reinforce my structure. SH provided me the tools for success. It saved my life. I highly recommend SH!

Photo of Fran Spivack Russo Fran Spivack Russo
Apr 4, 2023 5

My 4 week stay was absolutely wonderful. They changed my whole life in a positive way. I felt so positive in 4 weeks. The suite is big and very comfortable. The employee's are so kind and knowledgeable. Can't wait to go back.

Photo of Gretchen Bertolet Gretchen Bertolet
Mar 19, 2023 5

My first trip to SH was for a 4-week stay in October 2020...it was a life changing experience that I have carried with me ever since. I've returned twice for a week as an alum and these "refreshers" are so worthwhile. I've lost 65 lbs but more importantly I've incorporated fitness into my daily life and established a healthy eating program - the SH cookbook is fabulous! So grateful for everyone at SH.

Photo of Emma Stokes Emma Stokes
Mar 15, 2023 5

An elegantly designed and collaboratively implemented program bound to have positive and constructive impact on a person's relationship with food and its quality, movement and its gratification and overall healthy lifestyle.

Photo of Carla Carla
Feb 9, 2023 4

This program is phenomenal. The Digging Deeper series really helped me heal the wounds I have been subconsciously carrying. From the life coaches, to the dieticians, and to Katie K with her fitness expertise- I really gained so much out of their program. Unfortunately, I got diagnosed with Lyme disease and grew terribly ill in my third week staying. I did not get to enjoy or participate in the remaining of the program in the ways I envisioned. I did a lot of hiking when I was there and didn't realize I got bit. (Despite being covered and sprayed with Deet). If you go hiking, please safeguard yourself and check for ticks. Today I am suffering with Bartonella and Lyme, but all in all I still gained so many advantages from being here, despite the negative that hindered my stay. I hope to some day do 2 more weeks again and visit to make up for lost time. I loved it here so much.

Photo of Mary Maroun Mary Maroun
Jan 5, 2023 5

It's the real deal if you are truly committed to leading a healthier, more balanced life. They give you the tools to start making the changes needed to find balance, better health and peace of mind. The program covers nutrition, physical movement and behavioral coaching. The facilities are well kept and accessible. And you will meet friendly, engaging participants who will help you on the journey. I highly recommend Structure House.

Photo of Esther Ludin Esther Ludin
Oct 3, 2022 5

This was my second visit and I stayed three weeks this time. Was wonderful, the staff were as lovely as ever, the room was very nice and all the classes very enjoyable. I will return in future