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Structure House


3017 Pickett Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 351-8293
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Structure House

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Photo of Jason Bruce Jason Bruce
Jan 22, 2019 5

Great place to lose weight learn how to eat better and turn your over all health around

Photo of Mike Knight Mike Knight
Oct 27, 2018 5

Outstanding, life changing program based on dicvovering, learning about, understanding and changing our relationship with food. A focus on sustainable healthy lifestyle is the takeaway.

Photo of Jennifer Lassner Jennifer Lassner
Mar 14, 2017 4

I had a great experience at Structure House. The psychological and nutritional information was pertinent and practical. The staff was amazingly knowledgeable, approachable and dedicated. My only reason for not giving a full 5 stars is for the fact that the fitness facility was about to undergo major renovations and was not in the best shape. While I thought the fitness staff was excellent, the new facilities should make a huge difference. Also, as a person who is in relatively good physical condition, I found the equipment a little too basic. I hope this will also be upgraded with the renovation. Also to note, Chef John does an amazing job stretching the calories and making the food quite tasty. Thanks to everyone at Structure House. I have really turned things around. Down 25 lbs in 8 weeks!

Photo of Diane Hockstader Diane Hockstader
Mar 14, 2017 5

I have ben to Structure House six times and plan to go every year as long as I am able. It is a most attractive place with a friendly, caring staff, excellent lectures, a variety of classes. I was first attracted to it by the name, because structure was exactly what I needed in my life and it provided just the right amount. I have kept my journal faithfully and stayed in touch with my wonderful therapist. The program carefully considers the ongoing needs of the many return clients who come back for a "tune-up" on a regular basis.

Photo of Elaine Cole Elaine Cole
Mar 14, 2017 5

In actuality, I've reviewed Structure House hundreds of times, if all the times I've sung its praises were known. It is my go-to place, my safe haven, my refuge. It has been Life-changing, not only due to a 150 pound weight loss but because I've released at least that amount of negative emotions and the vicissitudes of life which kept me morbidly obese. There have been many changes since I first started coming in 1991, but the basic premise has stayed the same--good heLth and well being.