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Stone Brothers & Byrd


937 Washington St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 682-1311
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Photo of Teresa Smith Teresa Smith
Jun 3, 2019 5

What is there NOT to LOVE about this century old establishment !! Truly !! You have to check out their knowledge and inventory and WONDERFUL atmosphere of yesteryear and today. If you don't see what you need...ASK...they likely have it.

Photo of Elaine Justice Elaine Justice
Jun 11, 2019 5

I love shopping at Stone Brother & Bryd . The people are very nice and very helpful.

Photo of Shelia Edwards Shelia Edwards
Dec 29, 2018 5

This place is reminiscent of the good ole days. They have old-fashioned goods like breakfast kits, and other foods. Pest control, gardening supplies and animal feed. Staff are very helpful at helping you with supplies and assisting you with your shopping needs.

Photo of Bernadette Page Bernadette Page
Mar 26, 2019 5

Family owned. Nice selection. Very friendly. Know what is appropriate for Durham. Happy to answer gardening questions. Great gardening store.

Photo of William Schmoker William Schmoker
May 1, 2019 5

Excellent local gardening go to spot, they have green sand and all sorts of natural soil amendments as well as a great variety of plants and seeds that Lowe's and Home Depot have never heard of

Photo of Thomas Johnson Thomas Johnson
Jan 19, 2019 5

Definitely the place I go to for yard supplies. Seed, fertilizer, weed killer, and whatever else I need. They will also provide great advice as needed. Reasonably priced. They've been in Durham for decades for a reason.

Photo of Joseph Ferrucci Joseph Ferrucci
Sep 17, 2019 5

Excellent place to get local fertilizer and grass seed. Nice store.

Photo of G Chavis G Chavis
Sep 2, 2019 5

When my dad was living, this is where he would get his gardening supplies. If you're looking for old timey items, this is the place to shop. They have an old aged barrel cheddar cheese that is to die for.

Photo of Larry Kornegay Larry Kornegay
Aug 26, 2019 5

Very nice selection of ceramic pottery, patio planters, clay pots, soils, seed and fertilizers. Stop by and see George, they have just about everthing for your vegetable or flower garden.

Photo of v john harrington v john harrington
Dec 17, 2019 5

Good guys. They know what they are talking about and sell good products. The information is worth it to not waste money at the big box stores.

Photo of Lee C Lee C
Dec 24, 2019 5

Great local farm and garden store

Photo of John Mc John Mc
Jan 1, 2020 5

A unique place. Started going there when the building was new and you could still drive through.

Photo of Mark Simmons Mark Simmons
Feb 9, 2020 5

Great selection, great service, great quality. Always pleased and ready to return.

Photo of Maurice Darden Maurice Darden
Feb 29, 2020 5

Love this place. So many unique items for sale. Throwback to my childhood!

Photo of Dymont Spellman Dymont Spellman
Mar 5, 2020 5

This is a great place ran by great people please visit

Photo of Laura D Laura D
Apr 16, 2018 5

Great garden shop with good plant selection. I went looking for some succulents to put on my South facing deck and was able to find a really nice variety. Staff is very friendly and helpful.

Photo of Neill Watson Neill Watson
Dec 23, 2016 5

George and Fuller are always helpful. Your one stop shop for anything NC. Jams, jellies, ham and cheese for starters. Anything to do with lawn care they are the pros. Love this place. A Durham tradition!

Photo of John Godkin John Godkin
Apr 3, 2020 5

Extremely knowledgeable and courteous. Excellent source of advice for birding, gardening, and agriculture. I’ll add a picture of a dogwood we bought from them a year ago ; it handled a lot of abuse during our home construction project and is looking quite beautiful.

Photo of D Hewlin D Hewlin
May 9, 2020 5

My husband has been shopping with you Bros. for quite a few yrs. I'm so happy you carry the Hickory knives. He bought me two...YAYYY!

Photo of Bob Noblitt Bob Noblitt
Aug 5, 2020 5

One of the best stores in Durham! Staff is knowledgeable and extremely friendly. Comfortable atmosphere. Durham is lucky to have a place like this.

Photo of Adrian I Adrian I
Sep 11, 2020 4

Nice place, I can buy 50lb bag of fish food for my pond.

Photo of Tyson Wrenn Tyson Wrenn
Sep 21, 2020 5

Great people and products. I highly recommend

Photo of Larry Flannery Larry Flannery
Dec 15, 2020 5

Very friendly, lots of bird feeders & seed, country ham (slices & whole cured ham), herb gardens, jams and pickled peaches and other vegetables, special candies, hoop cheese, lots of seeds for spring garden, something for everyone who tinkers in the garden

Photo of Gregory Johnson Gregory Johnson
Aug 8, 2021 5

The Johnson Family has bought feed and bought equipment for years fromSBB... repair shop is great too.

Photo of Ali Aheed Ali Aheed
Jul 10, 2021 5

Great place to get yard work equipment and related stuff. Phenomenal people.

Photo of Timothy Aull Timothy Aull
Mar 30, 2021 4

Great selection. Decent prices. You will pay a little more then the box stores but the customer service and friendly smiles you get, even from under their masks, make it well worth it.

Photo of Charles Wilson Charles Wilson
Nov 19, 2021 5

Wonderful shopping experience. Nice employees.

Photo of Rosa Cuppari Rosa Cuppari
Aug 12, 2021 5

Can't say I have ever had a bad experience in the dozen or so times I have gone to Stone Brothers & Byrd since moving to Durham. A wide variety of plants (all of which are thriving in my garden), reasonable prices, and welcoming staff. Folks to load your car for you, and sound gardening advice. What stands out the most is the trust they place in customers -- I went in near close, and they had already cashed out, so the owner (I think) let me leave with my items simply asking me to call back the morning after to pay. Truly excellent customer service.

Photo of Rachel Kahn Rachel Kahn
Apr 6, 2022 5

Great selection of plants and seeds. They have a really cute pantry section with canned goods. Everyone has always been so friendly and helpful!

Photo of Kenny Barone Kenny Barone
Apr 11, 2022 5

One stop shop for all your green needs Unfortunately they had to move because luxury condos matter more than plants Fortunately they haven't missed a beet at the new location 6/5 stars