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4201 N Roxboro St
Durham, NC 27704
Phone: (919) 451-7305
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Photo of Fanie Prieto Fanie Prieto
Sep 9, 2023 5

Manager at the establishment is very kind. Workers are great too. Drinks came out lovely.👍

Photo of Kim J Kim J
Aug 2, 2023 4

The customer service was pretty good. They were busy but they seem to work steady together. We tried the pink drink, one with chocolate whipped cream which was chef's kiss. Really does taste like a chocolate covered strawberry. Ordered a pink drink with vanilla whipped cream. It was good but not better than the chocolate. Ordered the frozen strawberry acai lemonade & it was very sour. We actually had to go home & add sweetener. The turkey provolone pesto sandwich was not worth the money. The birthday cake pops were a bit too for my liking but we all enjoyed the chocolate cake pops. Overall good experience.

Photo of Kevin Swain (Lt.) Kevin Swain (Lt.)
Jul 15, 2023 4

I don't have a need for it but my wife loves it and sends me there to pick up her beloved coffee.

Photo of Niko Harrigan II Niko Harrigan II
Jun 16, 2023 5

My favorite go to spot for my daily coffee run. Staff is very friendly. And if you're a regular customer. They usually remember your order before you even say it.

Photo of annie annie
Apr 24, 2023 4

It was good but it took some time for them to make my order but I loved my drink I got a Vanilla bean Frappuccino with sweet cream strawberry purée and white cream.

Photo of LB LB
Mar 31, 2023 5

Classic strip mall Starbucks with some smaller tables and chairs plus one bigger table. Would be nice to have some other seating options but they do a big drive through business. Staff are super friendly.

Photo of Connor Puckett Connor Puckett
Dec 15, 2022 5

I do not often go to Starbucks, but every time I have been to this location they are always kind, compassionate, and patient. Noah was great! I was taking a little bit to look at the pastries and sandwiches and he kindly offered a suggestion. Overall a great experience and grateful for people in my city who are patient.

Photo of Shelton Rascoe Shelton Rascoe
Dec 8, 2022 3

I went thru drive thru for my coffee. I'll go in next time. They put way too much creamer in for me and that made my drink warm not hot like I like it but it's all good. I'd go back because I Love Starbucks. These stores normally get it right.

Photo of Karimah “Remi” B. Karimah “Remi” B.
Dec 3, 2022 5

Staff at this location are great. It's the closest one to the nearby hospital so it gets very, very crowded. Like line wrapped around the building crowded.

Photo of Climbing Goddess Climbing Goddess
Dec 1, 2022 5

This is my favorite Starbucks I've ever been to. the staff are always really nice and friendly. I have noticed that it's been extra busy during the holidays and they seem swamped more than usual. Not sure if it's covid related but they seem understaffed. Keep up the good work!