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1119 Slater Rd
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 941-0482
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Photo of Kim Johnson Kim Johnson
Dec 24, 2023 5

Can always count on this Starbucks of having the best coffee drinks and quick service!

Photo of Steve W Steve W
Aug 21, 2023 3

The person at the register was great. The person who finally gave us our order was great. Something was just off. We had a simple order, but somehow they managed to miss part of it. Overall, it was not a great experience. Not sure the deal, but it was just not pleasant.

Photo of Betsa Jimenez Betsa Jimenez
Jul 31, 2023 3

This is for the manager: First, This has been one of my favorite Starbucks for a long time, but things have changed in the last few months that I have visited it, the attention has not been good and my personalized drink has not been prepared with my specifications , remember that their drinks are not cheap and the least one expects is that what one asks for is fulfilled. Second, today I visited the store and I saw something that I never thought could happen in this place, the Barista who was preparing a drink placed almond milk and it ran out and to complete the drink she placed oat milk!!! UNACCEPTABLE, please, manager, be more aware of the degree of commitment of your workers and the importance of taking care of allergies. He left this comment because the truth is very worrying and because I hope to help them improve. 3 stars because I know those who have worked there for a long time and would not do something like that, and they are super nice to me, just because of them.