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4834 Apex Hwy
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 293-0232
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Photo of Andrew He Andrew He
Jan 28, 2023 5

I love this place! Very friendly staff and the drink and food is great! I also love the music that plays in the background whoever picked the playlist the day I went had good taste!

Photo of Elise Miller Elise Miller
Dec 10, 2022 3

Coffee was great ..only 1 bathroom working somewhat. No soap, air dryer broken and no paper towels. How do employees was their hands after using the bathroom...GROSS

Photo of Victoria Cash Victoria Cash
Oct 30, 2022 5

I worked here back from 2013-2017, and it has had a full 180 turn! The staff here are super friendly, the atmosphere is relaxing and it looks so nice and clean! The beverage quality has gone up. I will definitely be coming here more often! 100% reccomend this location. Also love how they have cute decor for the fall.

Photo of Jose gallardo jr Jose gallardo jr
Oct 22, 2022 5

I ordered via the mobile app and I like how they call out your name after each drink is made. While waiting for my drinks On 10/21/22 I witnessed an Indian couple yell and abuse the staff over a cold pastry and the staff handled it so professionally and politely. They apologized and fixed the issue. But I think they just wanted free stuff smh. It’s pathetic how some people think it’s ok to treat workers in the service industry.

Photo of Miranda Pejera Miranda Pejera
Oct 16, 2022 5

I never caught the name of the gentleman that was running the drive-thru tonight but my service was excellent and he was incredibly friendly. They took the time to make my drink and then remake it when there was an issue with the filter when they made it the first time. I always have fast service and my drinks are always exactly how I want here.

Photo of Anastasia Belikov Anastasia Belikov
Oct 3, 2022 5

This Starbucks does the job right. I’m allergic to almonds, and other locations have had cross-over contamination. At this one, I’ve yet to have any reaction, and the espresso is never burnt!

Photo of Bella Herndon Bella Herndon
Aug 30, 2022 5

my favorite starbucks, devra is always so fun at the window and i stg they have a drive thru so quick you would think chickfila employees run it

Photo of Dominick Arena Dominick Arena
Aug 12, 2022 5

This is the fastest Starbucks on the east coast. This crew is awesome. Good job guys!

Photo of Kendra W Kendra W
Jun 26, 2022 5

They never get my name or my order wrong.... Fast service. They always have great suggestions when I want to try something new. They sincerely try to make your day better no matter what time of day you go.

Photo of Suresh Jayaraman Suresh Jayaraman
Jun 13, 2022 5

My favorite drive through right on 55. Service is very fast and the sweet vanilla cold brew is outstanding. I alternate between latte and cold brew depending on the season. Winters are usually for latte and summers are usually for cold brews.

Photo of Ashlee Matthews Ashlee Matthews
May 21, 2022 5

The manager here named Priscilla, and her team were so amazing today. I placed a mobile order to be picked up and then got caught in traffic behind a car accident- I called the store to see if I could cancel my order and they said unfortunately we couldn’t do that but they took my info down and let me come in later today and pick up my order. Everyone was so kind and generous when they absolutely didn’t have to be! So thankful for Priscilla!

Photo of Taylor Rosbrook Taylor Rosbrook
Apr 29, 2022 5

Everyone here is always so nice and friendly; they make sure to call you by name if they know you from around the area. I don't know his name, I couldn't see, but there is a guy with a hat on with a emblem of the state of North Carolina on the front with reddish facial hair and he is making it a point to say hello, bye to EVERYONE, and calling customers by their name if he knows them and asking them how they are doing. He must be raised in the south lol, just playing, but seriously though, great hospitality. I think its so important to cherish employees like this with our job market the way it is now; he's genuinely being a good person. I hope the employees at Starbucks are having a great day

Photo of Samone Jones Samone Jones
Apr 5, 2022 5

Old faithful! This is one of my favorite Starbucks. It’s suited for group meetings or getting work done on your laptop. Lots of seating and table space to work. It’s roomy so you can camp out in a corner and enjoy coffee and snacks.The staff is quick friendly and accurate in crafting drinks. This location also has a drive thru.