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4834 Apex Hwy
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 293-0232
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Photo of Marcus Harris Marcus Harris
Jan 12, 2024 5

Absolutely love starting my day here. The staff is incredibly warm and friendly, the food and drinks are excellent, and the atmosphere is very welcoming. The best Starbucks I've ever visited.

Photo of Lerryn Rayburn Lerryn Rayburn
Jan 8, 2024 5

Any time Deyton is working the drive through window, I have impeccable customer service. I wish every employee at every location (I visit many locations in many different states) was as patient, friendly, and skilled as Deyton.

Photo of Jeff Jeff
Nov 28, 2023 3

Coffee was good as usual. Music is always too loud at this location. Can't sit down and get any work done or even have a casual conversation without yelling across the table.

Photo of April Williams April Williams
Nov 24, 2023 4

First visit to this Starbucks. Just driving thru. This is probably the largest I have been to. Very spacious and lots of seating. I ordered a chai latte and it was as I expected. 4 stars is because of the bathroom. There are 2 bathrooms. Each has a key pad on the door and you ask at the counter for the number. There is a button on the inside of the lock face that flashes red when you press it but then nothing to indicate if it is locked or not. From the outside you cannot tell if someone is in the bathroom. You enter the code and try the knob and it doesn't open.

Photo of Rose Labriola Rose Labriola
Sep 13, 2023 4

The staff tries very hard but sometimes the wait is long for Mobil drink orfers. Need to hire more staff especially at there busy times. Other than that I think they are very nice and professional.

Photo of Audra Marie Audra Marie
Aug 21, 2023 4

Busy location with fast friendly staff. Never felt the pressure of being one of many orders from drive thru, walk-ins and mobile orders. Made me feel seen and heard even for a basic order. Would recommend this location!

Photo of Theresa Novicky Theresa Novicky
Aug 19, 2023 5

This is the best Starbucks I have ever been to. The parking lot has plenty of parking. The outside is beautiful and well manicured. The building is really big and nice. You go inside and it’s super spacious. There are a lot of seats and it’s new and modern. They are also really fast, they had my mobile order ready within minutes. It’s very clean and the service is top notch. I would go out of my way to go to this Starbucks again.

Photo of Lettie Lancia Lettie Lancia
Aug 17, 2023 4

Another great Starbucks. What can I say.. o do like them. I stopped for hot chocolate and it was Yami :)

Photo of Katy L Katy L
Jul 30, 2023 5

Had an excellent drive thru experience here! We were unsure what size we ordered but had meant to order the large, and the barista quickly made the right size for us! Thanks!

Photo of Catisha Hamm Hicks Catisha Hamm Hicks
Jul 30, 2023 3

I went through drive thru and ordered what I always order. The girl taking the order was going so quickly that she forgot to put on the ticket that I wanted no cheese and my sandwich cooked open faced and light ice in my drink. I get to the window and of course I knew my order was incorrect. Instead of holding up the drive thru line, I opted to go face to face with my complaint. I went in and a very helpful young man redid my sandwich and cooked it open faced. The drink however was still made improperly. I repeated I wanted light ice. I even told the barista while she was making it that it was still to much ice. She poured out may 10 cubes and continues to make the drink. At that point, I was ready to go. I took the second drink even though it was still not to my liking because I was getting upset. When I get an iced drink I am not paying for a cup of ice and 8 oz of liquid. I want my most of my 20 oz. I know this is done to save money on the oatmilk but the way Starbucks is instructing them to fill the cups with ice is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous.

Photo of Muniba Khan Muniba Khan
May 24, 2023 4

Great Starbucks. I stopped by for a cold brew and am egg white and feta wrap and the service was quick and friendly. Definitely recommend!