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5319 New Hope Commons Dr
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 493-2471
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Photo of Rafael Gonzalez Rafael Gonzalez
Aug 4, 2019 5

This is the first time anyone ever bothers to spell my name correctly. Store is not too spacious, however the environment emits a very positive and radiant vibe. Will definitely visit again.

Photo of howdyratzlaff howdyratzlaff
Aug 7, 2019 4

Starbucks is ok. I'd suggest checking your local shops before a chain. For a treat, look up recipes online for the cereal Starbucks drinks. (Fruity Pebbles is my favorite) have them make the recipe.

Photo of Courtney Haske Courtney Haske
Aug 10, 2019 2

The drink I got was the best ive ever had but it took 15 minutes to make it

Photo of Matthew Cloues Matthew Cloues
Jun 4, 2019 4

This is a nice Starbucks that can get busy but is usually pretty efficient getting people in and out. Same coffee and quality you would expect from Starbucks. Parking lot gets busy and can be a bit of a pain. I have seen several people hit the very poorly placed rock on right as you turn into the parking lot (be careful) but thid has become better since they extended the curb. All in all pretty typical Starbucks. No drive thru window.

Photo of Evan Clendening Evan Clendening
Feb 24, 2019 5

As far as I have seen most Starbucks are the same in a good way. Though it was clean in the eating area and in the bathrooms. The people were polite and informative if I have any questions on any special requests I may have. There wouldn't be any reason to not stop here and know that your drink will be correct and you'll get it in a timely manner.

Photo of Krystal Baker Krystal Baker
Apr 26, 2019 5

I love this Starbucks! I go out of my way to get my coffee here. The staff is so awesome and they always make my drink exactly the way I want it. James is my favorite Barista. :)

Photo of Ömer’in Maceraları Ömer’in Maceraları
Feb 24, 2019 5

I really like this place. One of my favorite Starbucks in the area. It’s indoor space is not large though. It is very hard to find a place to sit on rainy days. But overall, really nice place with good, warm and attentive baristas...

Photo of Allyn Gillespie Allyn Gillespie
May 18, 2019 5

I love Starbucks, but this one took a few minutes to finish serving the customers. Love the food & drinks, though!

Photo of Destiney Thompson Destiney Thompson
Jun 21, 2019 2

Friendly staff, poor and slow service. I stop here almost every morning during the week. I make a mobile order well in advance; it’s NEVER ready. One morning, I waited about 10 minutes for a breakfast sandwich after I placed the order on the app; one of the baristas said there was a “glitch” in their system and the food tickets weren’t coming through. This was NOT TRUE because I was looking at the mobile order tickets the entire time and saw her pull mine. Most of the time the baristas are talking to one another or having lengthy conversations with customers. Again, they’re very friendly, but poor and slow service.