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Spruce Pine Lodge


2235 Bahama Rd
Bahama, NC 27503
Phone: (919) 560-4355
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Spruce Pine Lodge

Google Reviews

Photo of Matthew Auslander Matthew Auslander
Jun 8, 2019 5

Stunning Location! I got Engaged here!

Photo of David Bissette David Bissette
Sep 1, 2018 5

What a neat venue. This rustic, 1930s Log Cabin is a perfect location for weddings and large parties. The doors were a little sticky and difficult to open due to high moisture in the air, but that did not dampen the spirits inside the building. Now I really want to see what's up on the second floor...

Photo of Danyetta Mason Danyetta Mason
Jun 8, 2019 5

At my cousin's baby reveal party

Photo of Sarah Williams Sarah Williams
Jun 22, 2018 5

Nice quite out of the way location for family functions. Nice sound barrier around if music is to be played . Large rooms. Tables and chairs provided.

Photo of Marie Antionette Allen Marie Antionette Allen
Jun 10, 2018 1

Spuuce Pine Lodge was atrocious on 6/9/18. The kitchen, which was locked when initially viewed, is disgustingly filthy. The ice maker has black mold inside of it. The baseboards, walls and floor in the kitchen have old dried food spills spatters and stains. The stove and oven has layers of spilled, burned dried food inside and outside of it. The place reeks of mildew which is understandable when you see the air vents that are severely clogged with dust and what appears to be small dead animals. The windows panes in the doors are smeared in layers of stained old food and the windows themselves are covered in cobwebs, dust and dirt inside and out. The fireplaces are both desperately in need of cleaning as is the entire building. My family had to clean the place as best we could. The woman who unlocked the place for us tried to be of assistance by calling management and after several attempts reached Falecia who said she was the parks and recreation manager and could come out on Monday was rude, disrespectful and unwilling to offer any assistance other than an extra hour to cleanup and to have 2 men come out and dump the leftover trash from the previous event, which was on 6/7/18 and was obviously adding to the overwhelming odor of garbage in the 90 degree heat after sitting for 3 days. I will be sending pictures, videos, letters and emails to the Head of the Durham department of parks and recreation as well as the Durham county health department and any other department heads in order to document the horrific conditions of this neglected and poorly managed Lodge. My family gives this place a “minus 4 stars”. From the outside this place looks enchanting but don’t be fooled this place is grossly unkempt. I have pictures and video to back up this review.

Photo of Jeff Pete Jeff Pete
Jun 24, 2019 5

Great venue!