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SouthPoint Crossing


202 NC-54
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 831-4900
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Photo of Sunny D Sunny D
Apr 13, 2022 4

Good selection of mall stores open. Some still observing mask wearing. Only problem is trying to drive into parking lot, then finding a space. Probably time of day relayed.

Photo of Chloe Streeter Chloe Streeter
Feb 15, 2021 5

Has good places to eat and a Harris teeter in the building. The parking is fine here. The chinese food place in the building is so good. Best in NC to me!

Photo of Ophelia Cates Ophelia Cates
Dec 10, 2020 5

Nice shopping mall with amazing stores but I get the feeling not everyone enjoys African Americans coming there to shop. I spend where me and my dollar are respected

Photo of Jimmy Mak mta Jimmy Mak mta
Oct 4, 2020 3

I made a quick stop at Cheese Cake, this place was very nice clean and I felt safe this was a good stop

Photo of Justin Merande Justin Merande
Sep 7, 2020 5

Quality Services

Photo of Garrett Jex Garrett Jex
Aug 20, 2020 5

Good place to go shopping for: groceries, sit down restaurants, and other businesses near there. It was well kept as well.

Photo of Shelia Cooper Shelia Cooper
Aug 28, 2020 4

Has a lot of stores that's for everyone. Great food places. Convenient parking.

Photo of Littlepeke 06 Littlepeke 06
Aug 2, 2020 5

Restaurants and stores located here are amazing and the service is always good.

Photo of Daniel Young Daniel Young
Jun 26, 2020 4

Best place to shop for groceries. Clean store, courteous staff, well prepared for keeping customers safe during the Covid-19 epidemic. Some shortages of things such as paper products etc still ongoing. Rationing of supplies to customers might make distribution more equitable. D

Photo of Louis Pinault Louis Pinault
Aug 15, 2020 5

New business definitely worth a visit if you're looking for top notch men's salon services.

Photo of Kisa Ward Kisa Ward
Sep 4, 2019 5

The Melting pot never disappoints! Excellent customer service and great food!

Photo of Tarell Dupree Tarell Dupree
Feb 25, 2020 5

Close by and fresh food prices are low people are always friendly

Photo of Kevin Chandler Kevin Chandler
Jan 4, 2018 5

City Barbecue when I come to the shopping center, they have the best barbecue in the nicest workers around. The shopping center itself is pretty nice lot of businesses a lot of restaurants. Ample parking which is always important when you going to the shopping center. Sometimes a little hard to coming in and out because it is a busy place and streets around it is very busy.

Photo of titsand ass titsand ass
Mar 12, 2020 5

Although Southpoint mall has been torn down this area still seems like a pretty decent area to come and get something to eat and Shop!

Photo of mary mayfield mary mayfield
Jan 22, 2020 3

Shopping for groceries, and beautiful items! Beautiful fresh cut flowers in Harris teeter! Fresh vegetables!

Photo of Terrence Glasgow Terrence Glasgow
Dec 30, 2019 3

Always busy, drivers have no consideration of anyone other than self. Be careful and don't fight with anyone over a parking space they have enough for everyone

Photo of Brendan Jones Brendan Jones
Oct 23, 2019 3

Couldn't say enough about the service, awesome staff but the salad bar was terrible. Old salad looking like it was not fresh, they didn't keep most of the selection full.

Photo of Amanda Singleton Amanda Singleton
Sep 1, 2019 5

Kroger's definitely my One Stop Shop. They have great prices and a great selection of affordable brands

Photo of Cortni hollywood2 Cortni hollywood2
Sep 29, 2019 5

Never a bad experience at ANY store here..between the people,staff and each store I always enjoy my time. 5 stars.

Photo of Anthony English Anthony English
Oct 20, 2019 4

Love the new Harris Teeter that opened. We also love to take our cats to Banfield Vet.

Photo of R. E. Potter R. E. Potter
Oct 7, 2019 4

Decent shopping center. Difficult to get in and out of parking lot b/c there's no stoplights. Traffic from Fayetteville St. is too constant for left turns to be made safely in and out of the center. Very hazardous given the shopping center's size.

Photo of Ifelunow TV Ifelunow TV
Aug 8, 2019 5

Love SouthPoint Crossing! Very convenient with Orange Therapy & City Barbecue Yum!!!!!

Photo of Michael Boemker Michael Boemker
Aug 2, 2019 5

There is a Branch of the Coastal Federal Credit Union there that offers excellent service. What others advertise, these people do both well and quickly.

Photo of artminddebnaebezdrw4 artminddebnaebezdrw4
Jul 7, 2019 5

Nice plaza! Although its not kroger there anymore, they are fixing up a Harris Teeter.

Photo of Steve McLeod Steve McLeod
May 2, 2019 5

Fantastic experience. Easy to find and park, excellent service, clean place, unique experiences highly recommend it

Photo of Dana Farrar Dana Farrar
May 19, 2019 4

I actually went to The Melting Pot. It was great!

Photo of Garth Molyneux Garth Molyneux
Jun 6, 2019 4

Oriental Garden is a good Chinese restaurant in this strip mall.

Photo of Daniel Englebretson Daniel Englebretson
Feb 19, 2019 5

A great place to shop with kids. Excellent retail options, plenty of space, reasonably good food options, and well designed/laid out. Pro tip: the mall has walking hours before it officially opens on the weekend. Great for kids, and can get you in and out fast when they do open. The place gets totally insane on big shopping days. Avoid if it is a retail holiday, or be ready for a 40 min cutthroat parking experience.

Photo of BK McGorman BK McGorman
May 7, 2019 5

It is a real destination-type of Mall. Lots of well known stores indoors and an outdoor shopping European - style passage with great restaurants as well. I liked it very much!